How to improve your internet speed upto 2X

Hello friends, todays article is all about how to increase your internet speed upto 2X. It is really annoying sometimes that you face slow internet connection. Many people just hate it when their browser takes too much time to load. People have to work on slow internet connection which feels like their time is just frozen. But is there any way by which you can solve this problem ? Yes, there are many ways which will be helping you in improving your slow internet connectivity. Keep reading and find out those can check out some free mp3 downloading apps

Steps To Increase your Internet Speed On Pc Or Laptop

Before continuing our discussion let me tell you that you should be very careful while working on your default browser. You should always try to use the latest version of your default browser. Like you all have experienced that previous version of internet explorer was just horrible but if you have used the latest version of IE then you will surely feel some big changes and improvements compared to its previous versions. Other than internet explorer there are many browsers which run more faster and smoother. I will prefer you to use mozilla firefox, Google Chrome, Torch browser if you want to experience high internet speed connection. So lets get started.

  • Set Homepage to Blank

It is better to use a blank homepage if you don’t uses any specific page in your daily routine. Setting up a blank page in your browser can help you to increasing your internet connectivity. This is because your browser can easily load the blank page compared to any other page. If you want to change your homepage to blank then follow the below steps carefully :-

1. Go to Tools > Internet Options.

2. As you click on the internet option a box will appear on your screen. You just have to click on General > select Use blank.

how to speed up your internet

That’s all. Now close your browser and check it ones that your browser is successfully loading your homepage as a blank page or not.

  • Manage your web browsing data

Many browsers make use of heavy cache. These cache normally stores your temporary web files. This is because when you click again on those site your browser consumes less time. But sometimes it happens that your browser stores too much cache files and this is the reason why you experience slow internet speed. According to many experts cache is designed to increase your browser speed but too much use just results in the opposite direction.

You should always try to clean up of temporary files. If you don’t know how can you do this task then following steps will help you a lot:

1. If you are using Google chrome then simply press CTRL + H button.

2. Then click on Clear browsing data button right on the top of the menu.

3. But if you are using your default browser i.e, IE then press CTRL + Shift + Del.

4. Check the unwanted options and simply click the delete button.

increase your net speed with managing browsing data

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As you Click on the delete button all your browsing data will be deleted permanently.

  • Limit Reservable bandwidth

This is one of the most important trick by which you can speed up your browser.Keep reading and follow the steps which will help you in limiting your reservable bandwidth.

1. Click on Start > Run.

2. Type gpedit.msc.

3. Now click on Administrative templates and then click on network branches.

4. Again Click on Qos Packet Scheduler

5. Click on Limit reservable bandwidth and enable the radio option.

6. Then simply change your Bandwidth limit percentage to 0.

7. Just Click Apply button then OK. and restart your computer.

speed up your internet with bandwidth

That’s all.

Hope, you have enjoyed a lot while reading this amazing tutorial. You can also check your internet speed through online internet speed calculator. I can bet and say you that you will surely see some big improvement in your browsing speed. If you have any type of doubt you can also leave a comment below in the comment box. At the last do not forgot to share these cool tricks with your friends…


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