How To Improve Your Alexa Traffic Rank Quickly

Alexa traffic ranking is the word by which many bloggers, online businessman and webmaster get afraid of. But I really have to say that Alexa website ranking matters a lot if you want to increase your website traffic, website sales, attract sponsors and the most important website seo ranking.

So What Does This Term Alexa Traffic Ranking Actually Means?

If I want to express this term in a single sentence then I will only like to say that Alexa is the website ranking tool by which user can easily measure its website popularity. Alexa rank checker tool calculate the website ranking on the basis of daily visitors and website hits.
improve your alexa traffic rank In short, the more will be your website ranking more visitors and advertisers will get attracted towards your website. Do you know that alexa website rank is one of the most important factors which is considered by advertisers and sponsors if they want to start campaigning on your website. And thats the reason why every other webmaster and blogger want to increase alexa rank as high as possible to get more offers from sponsors/advertisers. In this way by increasing the website ranking user can multiply their income more and more. And if you are from those bloggers who want to earn more and more money from blogging then keep reading this article carefully. I have mentioned all types of important and effective ways by which you can really improve your website alexa ranking.

1. Write Regularly For Your Blog

If it is not possible for you to write on daily basis then I will suggest you to make a proper schedule for writing articles on your blog. There are many people who face lots of problems in writing articles frequently. The best solution for this is to make a draft of your post in your free time and then afterwards you can publish them on your blog. I’m saying you for writing regularly because this thing really matters if you want to increase your alexa ranking of your blog/website.

2. Claim Your Website

If you have not registered your website on alexa then you will still notice that shows your website ranking. I will strongly recommend you for going and creating your free account over this website. After claiming your website over alexa you can easily add your website description manually. Not only this much but it has been found that after claiming your website at Alexa you can easily rank high and also increase your blog reputation.

3. Install Alexa Toolbar

Alexa also offers you toolbar for different types of browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. This Alexa toolbar should always be activated whenever you are online. Alexa toolbar helps user in boosting Alexa ranking as this toolbar keep tracking your website ranking and browsing your website. This toolbar also works as a website traffic estimator for your blog/website. boost your alexa ranking fast

4. Add Alexa Widget To Your Website

Not only toolbars but you can also find widgets for your blog from alexa. By adding alexa widgets to your website you can easily allow your visitors to see your blog ranking and in this way more visitors will get attracted towards your website. You can also request your website visitors for writing a short review about your website at with the help of this amazing widget. In this way you can easily gain more trust for your website by your visitors and this will result in your blog reputation.

5. Write Blogging Niche Posts

If your website focused mainly on internet, blogging, SEO, advertising etc. then I will recommend you to write frequently over these topics. And if your website is blogging based then you will be getting visitors who are mainly bloggers and internet marketers which already have alexa toolbar installed on their browser. And if this is so then I’m sure that this will surely affect your website ranking.

6. Quality Content

As you already know that content is the king of all types of websites and blogs. So, whatever you will be publishing on your website must be original and high quality. If you will include many types of keywords in your article then your visitors will also feel happy in sharing your article. More your content will be shared by visitors more internet traffic you will get as a result on your website. In this way your website ranking and SEO both will be improved.

7. Create Alexa Toolbar For Your Visitors

You can easily create your own custom alexa toolbar which will help your readers in promoting your website among their friends and fans. More your toolbar will be used more it will affect your alexa rating. Alexa toolbar also works as page rank checker tool for your website.
Thats all with this article. Hope, you have liked all the tips which are written above in this article. I also have to say that if you want to ask anything related to above post then you can surely leave your valuable comments below in the comment box. Also if you have found something interesting related to above post then kindly share this article with your friends and fans and help me in improving my alexa ranking tool.

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