iMessage For Android:How to user iMessages on android phones [2017]

iMessage for Android: When we speak of iMessage, it is an iOS device app for messaging. iMessage is developed by the Apple company which enables to send only on the Apple device. This App is not compatible and is limited to only the Apple device user. So if you are an Android device user there is no chance that you can have the iMessage in your to use imessage on android phones

And here we have brought a solution for the Android phone user to use the iMessage. The only solution by which you can use the iMessage is downloading the third party app that can support the iMessage. And the third party is- PieMessage, this is an Android app which is supporter of iMessage and allows you to receive and reply the message provided from the iMessage.

How to use iMessage on Android phone

PieMessage is generally the Android app which will receive and reply message from iMessage. When you have this app in your android phone, you can easily chat with those who are having iMessage using their iPhones. Example- just types any message on the PieMesaage and sent to iMessage app; it will instantly receive the text.

download imessage for android phones

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While both the iMessage and PieMessage are not available in the Google play store from which all the Android phone user uses to download apps. So now what you got to do is download the APK format fof PieMessage and install it in your Android phone.

Whereas iMessage app is not available as APK file format either. Thus the only option left for you is to download the pieMessage and get connected to the iMessage users and chat.

How to Download PieMessage in your Android phone

Steps to download PieMessage APK file are very easy. Follow the below mentioned steps and that’s all, your app will be installed instantly.

Step #1: Click on the given Link below to download- From the given link below, click and enter the site.

Step #2: Redirected to Github for APK download- Now you will enter into the Github site where you can download the PieMessage App. To download click on the Clone or Download

piemessage download

Step #3: Click the Download Zip- After you hit the Clone or Download, you will get the new dialog box, from which you have to click the Download Zip which is an Android APK file.

Step #4: Run the Zip File- Now run the Zip file on your Android Device. But before installing the phone device will stop you to proceed. This can be avoided by making changes in the device setting. Menu> Setting> Security> Unknown Source (click to Enable) from the Device Administration.

Step #5: Install the App- Finally when all the process is done now use the app freely and chat with the iMessage user via Android phones.

Click here to download the PieMessage app

Features of the PieMessage Vs iMessage

Ofcourse, since PieMessage is not an original iMessage app of Apple company creation some major feature is restricted or limited to use in the Android device.

  1. You are restricted to only one-to-one messages for replying or reecieving the text. While the group messages are still not possible in your Android phones.
  2. You cannot send any images nor see them even if they send you images.
  3. PieMessage can only identify different iMessage conversations or message by phone numbers or email addresses instead of Names.


PieMessage is the third party app for using receiving and replying the iMessage conversation. But the app do not have much security and since Apple company can block this app’s function with concerned to security risk. So it is better to use the normal Android messenger like Whatsapp that also gives you end to end encryption to your message.

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