How to unlock pattern lock of any android phone(working methods)

In this post,we are going to cover the topic of how to unlock pattern lock on android.Recently I forgot the pattern lock of my android phone & ran into to much trouble.but some how i managed to recover it.Here, i will tell you how to unlock pattern lock in easy can also check my post on must have android app or messaging to bypass internet surveys for free

how to unlock pattern lock

How to unlock pattern lock quickly

To Unlock pattern lock of your phone their are several methods.But we are discussing here some of the best & working method.

Procedure 1 : How to Unlock pattern lock Using Debug Mode

In this procedure,you need to connect your phone to computer or laptop. For that you have to put your phone on debug mode.

how to unlock pattern lock debug mode

  • Enable Debug Mode  go to setting->Development->USB debugging and enable it.
  • Connect phone with your computer or laptop with cable.
  • Once phone is connected. Click On start or Hold windows key +R.
  • Then look for CMD command to open command prompt.
  • Type below code
  • adb shell
  • press enter
  • rm/data/system/gesture.key

command for pattern lock

  • Once done .Reboot your phone.

Procedure 2 :How to unlock pattern lock Using Reset

In this procedure we are going to reset your phone for pattern lock.So make sure you have back up your phone properly.

how to unlock pattern lock android recovery tool screen

  • Switch of your Phone
  • Now, Hold Volume up button along with Home Button and Power key until it show you android or brand name.
  • Again press all key together until window is displaying a screen i.eandroid recovery tool
  • Once you get android recovery screen choose the 3rd option i.e wide data/factory reset.then press center key for selection.
  • Then confirm changes by clicking yes.
  • Now wait several minutes until recovery is over.

Hope ,How to unlock pattern lock on any phone post would have help tell me if you faced any problem during procedure.

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