How To improve Adsense CPC in Short Time [Case Study]

If you are a blogger , then you must be aware about the Adsense & how much importance Adsense possess in blogger’s mind.No matter what kind of site your are running Adsense work for you.This seem less Adsense integrity adds valve to network.Most of the blogger are driving good amount of traffic to their blog but aren’t earning well due to lower CPC Or non optimised Adsense site.But don’t worry now ,i will try to cover all the important.Before going for article i would like to tell you that 3.68$ was my Top recorded CPC until this point.check how to bypass survey | memory card password

I am compiling this post , for the those blogger who are struggling to make money from Adsense.In this post I will be sharing with some of the ways to Improve you Adsense CPC and also tell you how I improve my CPC Upto 3.68$ from 0.15$ in just 30 days.

How I Increase  Adsense CPC in 30days upto 3.68$???

1. Adsense Ready theme

Earlier when my Adsense got approved I thought Now I am king …i will earn as much as I can.But soon my dream started falling apart due to lower CPC.But I don’t give up…start looking for ways to improve my CPC.i have experiment with lots of things….my first experience was with theme..on some popular blog I red about this and since then I started looking for Adsense optimised theme.Why Adsense theme matter in CPC? Adsense Ready themes are more coded toward SEO friendly and Better user experience.They load faster and Have dedicated field for keeping Adsense codes.One more thing which I would like add here I. Most of the new blogger are using genesis which also good but make the selection of child theme wisely My experience with some genesis child theme wasn’t since I am warning you about it.

2. Niche

I know, I am repeating this thing…but Yes, Niche does matter when it comes to earning from Adsense .But most of the blogger start with Technology and end of being a health or Micro Niche which I think is very good choice technology blog has high competition and very Less CPC as compare with other Niche.Which Niche has More CPC if technology Not ??? Niche like Insurance, Health , Attorney and Some special services blog has end up getting good CPC.

3. Ads Placement

I red lost about this specific topic on lots of popular blogs.All of them collectives advice it to use 300*600 ads on side bar.300*250 banner in the start of the post and 720*90 in middle of article.

But 720*90 in the start of the article works best…I Experiment with lost of size and places finally set up this, My point is not that all those blogger are wrong or anything like that but In my opinion you should experiment with your banner sizes and placement of them based upon your Traffic demographics.

4. Block Lower CPC Ads

Most of the new Blogger aren’t aware about the tip but it plays very important role in improving CPC.You don’t need to much to block Low CPC ads on Adsense.You just need to follow below steps.and you are done..

5. Traffic Demographics

As we all know,Traffic Demographics is very important.Then how can I managed to get traffic from USA like place on new blog.OK ,here the exact thing I did to get traffic from USA.write down three four article on a related topic ,Interlink them well so that they can share authority of blog ,used LSI keywords , Competition of keywords should be moderated, length of the content should be more than 800+ and content should be well structured and SEO optimised.Once you are ready with the article publish them one by one and promote them as much as you can .try to get as much as share as you can..don’t forget to optimised your images in the article….One more important thing which I would like to discuss here ,Keyword for which you are trying to rank should have at-least twice CPC as you are targeting…..for example..if you are targeting a CPC of 1$ then try to rank for a keyword which as at least 2$ CPC with Decent searches.

Confession, This article is specially written for New Be Blogger who are struggling to get along with Adsense.This is my personal experience with CPC if anybody has different results than expected then I am not responsible ,As we all know every niche worked different as my niche is technology this thing work for me.It may or may not work for you But I tried to make things as generic as possible so that everybody can get something from article.Hope ,You well get Far More better results than article…..Best oF luck.If you have any question or query then you can always write in below comment.


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