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Until now, Android users have been limited to downloading official apps from the app store or potentially placing their device security under threat by rooting it to install third-party apps. That’s all changed with the release of a third-party app installer called TutuApp. Originally for iOS devices, the developers have produced the APK file version for Android users, and it is completely free to download.

What is TutuApp?

A third-party app installer, TutuApp is much like an app store, packed with unofficial apps and games. Many of those have been modified, including stock apps with cool new features, stock games. There are also a few Cydia tweaks, including the highly popular games emulators, and they are all free to use.  It differs from rooting in that TutuApp cannot leave your Android device open to security threats, and using it will not cause your warranty to be voided either. With millions of users, iOS and Android, across the world, it is one of the most popular app installers of its kind.

How to Download TutuApp on Android:

To get TutuApp onto your Android device, you need to manually install the app .apk file. While this is easy enough to do, following the steps exactly as they are written is very important – miss a step, and we can’t guarantee that TutuApp will be installed.

  1. The first step is to allow third-party apps to be installed on your device so open your Settings app
  2. Tap Security and then enable Unknown Sources – tap the button beside it
  3. Now close settings and download the TutuApp APK file onto your device
  4. When it is done, open your Downloads folder, find the .apk file and double-tap on it
  5. The installation will begin, and when it finishes, you will see the TutuApp icon on your main screen

TutuApp Android Features:

TutuApp offers Android users many different features to take advantage of, including:

  • Easy to download – just follow the steps carefully
  • User-friendly
  • Top Movies apps
  • Fast download speeds
  • More than 2,000 apps and games
  • Lots of modified games
  • Lots of tweaked stock apps with new features
  • Regular updates for new content and bug fixes
  • Easily removed if you don’t like it
  • Loads of other cool features

How to Use TutuApp on Android:

TutuApp is dead simple to use:

  1. Open the app installer from your home screen or Apps section
  2. Browse or use the search bar to find a game or an app
  3. Tap your choice, and the app page opens
  4. Tap Install and wait – when the download is done the app or game is yours to use

Is it Safe?

Yes. Millions of people use it, and there have been very few reports of problems with the app installer. In fact, so far, it is proving to be an incredibly popular choice because of its stability and reliability.  The developers do monitor the installer and fix all problems as soon as they arise; regular updates also keep the security current.  Your identity is safe because there is no need to use any ID to install it with, and should the developers get any personal information from you, they will not sell it on. However, you should take responsibility for your own security as well and install anti-virus software on your device.

TutuApp Android Error Fixes:

While it is a stable and reliable app, some users might be unlucky enough to face a couple of very common errors when they use TutuApp on their devices. Most errors look worse than they are and are easy enough to resolve with just a couple of quick steps:

App Not Installed/Stopped Working:

The steps are the same to resolve both of these errors. There are a few reasons why things can go wrong when you install a third-party app installer, so start from the first method and try each one until one works for you:

Method 1: Resetting App Preferences

This is the most common solution that works for the majority of users:

  1. Open your Android Settings
  2. Tap on Apps/App Manager
  3. Tap All Apps and choose Reset All Preferences from the menu
  4. Tap on Reset Now and try TutuApp again

If it still doesn’t work, try the next steps

Method 2: Clear Data and Cache for Package Installer

  1. Open Settings>Apps (App Manager)
  2. Tap on System Apps and tap Package Installer
  3. Tap Clear Cache/Clear Data in turn – Android Marshmallow 6.0 users should look for these options under Storage
  4. Close Settings, try again and TutuApp should work

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

This is the very first step in installing any third-party apps, but if you skipped it, the app wouldn’t work.

  1. Open Settings and tap on Security
  2. Find Unknown Sources and enable by tapping the on/off button beside it
  3. Try again. If TutuApp still doesn’t work, you need to delete it
  4. Then, keeping Unknown Source enabled, reinstall it

TutuApp is a popular installer, and now, with the help of the developers, Android users can have a slice of the action too. Follow the developers on Facebook for more app tips.

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