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How To Compress/Reduced PDF File Size?

How To Compress/Reduced PDF File Size?

Compressing a file is useful to keep the data under control so other files and documents will not suffer any problem. PDF, the open source file format that is accessible over all platforms is for sharing and transferring information over internet or without internet. From the legal documentation to the research work, the portable document is used by professionals and individuals. Keeping information into PDF files in distinct forms like graphics, organizational charts, filled/unfilled forms is quite easy. Including all the known and unknown benefits of PDF files, file compression is also a desired facility with it. To avoid corruption into PDF files, it is desired to keep the file compressed.Here you can also check out some streaming sites to stream movies online for free.

Simply, there are two ways to compress PDF files so the file size will be under control:

Using free online PDF compress tools: Resizing PDF files via free PDF size reduction tools can merely do without downloading and installing the application. Even such applications run on distinct OS like Windows OS, Linux, MAC etc.
Opting tested/commercial PDF compression application: Download/purchase and installation are the steps to use paid tools to PDF compression. Most of such procedures are dedicated to work with a particular OS.

In earlier section we have discussed why the PDF compress procedure is required along with ways with which task will be performed. To know the complete process for compressing PDF files using free and paid tools, check out underneath given sections.

Method 1: Compress PDF (http://www.compress-pdf.co.uk/) : Free online tool

It is the single panel PDF compression tool will let you compress the added PDF file. No need to pay for the tool as it costs zero and it can be used from any online browser. The basic requirement is to follow the instructions given below:

  • http://www.compress-pdf.co.uk/, need to visit this website
  • Follow Choose File tab to add up PDF file
  • Upload & Shrink will be the next selection of yours

upload file link

  • When the process of compression will get completed, you will get beneath given message:

file successfully uploaded msg

Download the compressed PDF at your system


  • Completely free, no hidden cost


  • Image resolution and quality may get affected. At the other end, it does not keep additional settings.

Method 2: Compress PDF file(http://pdfaid.com/compress-pdf-file.aspx): Free Online tool

It is also a single panel PDF resizing tool, but permits free data compression for a limited amount of data. Steps with which you can use it for PDF compress are:

  • Visit http://pdfaid.com/compress-pdf-file.aspx
  • Select the PDF by following Choose file

choose file menu


  • Need to set options according to personal requirement (like color image quality, grey image quality, and monochrome image quality).

compression settng


  • Now, you need to click on Compress PDF tab
  • Compression of PDF will be done in seconds and computer screen will show:

successful upload

  • Follow Click here tab to download compressed PDF.


  • To Compress PDF files, the tool offers basic options for maintaining quality of images.


  • For free PDF compression, the tool can be used for a permitted size limit i.e. 20 MB. If user wants to compress the PDF beyond the size, then he/she will have to go for purchase.

At the other end the tool does not keep multiple options to opt for compression.

Method 3: PDF Toolbox (http://www.systoolsgroup.com/pdf-toolbox.html): Commercial tool

The licensed version of SysTools PDF Toolbox once installed on a computer, the other thing that should follow is executing underneath given steps:

  • Opting Compress tab will be the first step

tool screen

  • In the other step, you will have to choose one option mentioned at the right panel. Add files or Add folder, go with one to add PDF files accordingly. If there is a need to remove PDF document after selection, then Remove and Remove All are options
  • The location where the compressed file will be saved can be selected by clicking Browse button, afterwards it is required to click on Next tab

tool step 1

  • To compress images, it is desired to select Compress Image tab as well as for more advanced settings, Advanced Settings should be your choice.

advance menu

  • Once you clicked at Advanced Settings, the options you will get:

setting for compression

  • Once selection of settings is done, click on Start to execute the process

last id

  • Using this procedure the task of PDF Compression will be done without changing a bit.


  • No changes in basic content and images of PDF files
  • Takes minimal time for PDF compression
  • Simplified compression technique with added options


  • Not anything is there that can be kept into this section

Final Verdict

Free online tools for PDF compression are not reliable to maintain the dignity of content and images. Instead of using the dedicated application if you are going to use free applications, there may be chances of losing data as well. PDF Toolbox is an effective tool to compress PDF files, regardless of confronting the PDF data destruction.

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