How to Add Watermark To PDF File

Watermarks are the images or text which are displayed over the top or below your content which is in PDF format. Watermarks are usually used for indicating the informations like owners name or organizations, Authors name and whether its content is confidential or not.

add water mark to pdf

Adding a watermark to a pdf provides you a professionalism and also gives you the prevention against using your content by other third parties. Many people wonder that how to edit pdf files and watermark document. Anyone can easily add watermark to pdf as it is not at all a difficult task. Continue your reading and find out some effective ways for adding watermark to pad files with easy tricks.

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Below I have listed some of the best and simple way which will help you in learning how to edit a pdf and then adding watermarks to your PDF documents.

1. Adobe Acrobat

create watermark for pdf file

Step 1

Open Adobe Acrobat and then launch your PDF document into which your are wanting to add watermark to a pdf.

Step 2

Go to the main menu and then click Document. A drop down menu will appear in which you have to select Watermark option and then simply click Add.

Step 3

Next you have to select the Page Range Options which provides you the service for adding watermarks to the pages of your document. If you are wanting to watermark pdf all your pages then simply skip this step.

Step 4

Now, kindly choose the type of watermark which you would like to apply on your documents. You have to now click on the Text button which will provide you the field to add watermarks. Next step you have to take is of customizing the font size and the color which are provided.

But if you are willing to add an image instead of text then click File and then Browse your file and then simply open it.

Step 5

Now you have to customize your watermark. Click on the Rotation button and then set your watermark according to your choice. Now, Click and drag Opacity Slider which which help you in making your watermark transparent. Lastly, you simply have to click on the Appear Behind Page button which will ensure that your watermark should be displayed behind the content of your PDF document. Click OK and save your document.

Now you can easily add watermark to pdf with the help of this watermark software. If you are having confusion or any kind of doubt with the above step then I have listed below one more step which will surely make you understand that how to watermark a pdf documents.

2. PDFaid

how to add watermark to pdf documents

Step 1

One your Internet browser and then navigate to pdfaid.

Step 2

Then Simply Choose the PDF Watermark Button.

Step 3

Click on Choose File option and then browse your document in which you want to add watermark.

Step 4

Now insert watermark in the field labeled as Watermark Text Options. Customize your font size, style and the color by the options provided.

Step 5

You will now see a link named as Click Here. Click on that link and simply download file pdf document with your own watermark to your system.

Thats all with this article. Hope you have now learned how to insert watermark in pdf document and add watermark to photo. If you still have any type of doubts then kindly leave your valuable comments below in the comment box. At the last do not forgot to share this article with your friends and fans.

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