House Edge at Online Casinos: Can I lower it?

It is no secret, whether you are gaming online or visiting the local casino, that the house will always have an edge on most of the games that you bet on. That is what makes it so impressive when a baller, such as yourself, manages to tumble those odds and loot the lot!

It makes it your job, therefore, to try in any which way that you can to lower those odds and house edges so that you can take away that disadvantages. We are here to break down those house edges to get you playing your top game when on Cozino DK.

What is the House Edge, and Why is it so Important?

Some of you may be muddled up in the jargon that the odds and statistics, but read our clear definitions below so that you can get back to the slots:

·        RTP percentages and house edges are very similar but have a few differences that the online casino uses to confuse you. Return to player ratios (RTP) is the theoretical return on your gaming investment, and the house edge is what is left of that.

·        So, an RTP of 90{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} means that in the long term, statistically, you would get back £90 if you spent £100. The house edge is that 10{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} which goes back to the casino.

·        The house will always win unless you are smart and withdraw when you win, so the house will always take that edge from the small fry.

·        House edge on casino sites will vary from game to game, giving you the opportunity to find the casino games with the best chance of winning (hint: a slot game with an RTP lower than 97{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} is not worth it!).

The importance of the house edge, and understanding it, is integral to becoming a good online casino player. Learn the odds and play them well if you want to be in the top player running’s!

How can you Lower the House Edge?

The question of everybody’s lips; mastering lowering the house edge gives you the upper hand, increases the fun, and, most importantly, gives you the best chances of reaping the rewards.

Follow these simple steps to be well on your way to becoming a professional:

1.      Slot Games – Slots have the worst house edge statistics because of their fixed random number generating software which will always deliver a specific number of wins. Avoid slots if you want the better odds.

2.      Blackjack – There are a number of (frowned upon) ways in which you can try and defeat the dealer at blackjack. There is the soft-17 rule in blackjack which can help you win, among a plethora of other systems.

3.      Poker – The art of poker comes from defeating the other players and seldom the dealer. By that calling, therefore, you will have the best house odds when playing poker, but will you be able to outsmart your opponents and take their wagers?

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