Host28 Review – Why Is It the Best Option for Small-to-Medium Business?

Since it was established in 2001, Host28 is dedicated to offering quality web hosting service for webmasters, providing 3 Linux shared web hosting solutions. This company has been awarded as the best option for people who are running a small-to-medium business. Why is it so reputed? To make it clear, we have developed a comprehensive review on this company from its service prices, features, usability, speed, uptime and customer service.

This review is based on our real hosting experience and all the information we collected on the web. Before reading details, have a look at the following list to have a brief understanding about this company.

  • Price: $2.49 per month
  • Money Back: 30 days money back
  • Control Panel: enhanced cPanel with Softaculous
  • Data Center: top-rate Chicago data center with numerous Dell servers
  • Customer Service: 24×7 US-based customer service via email, tickets & live chat

Host28 Hosting Prices

Host28 has launched 3 Linux shared web hosting solutions which are named as Basic, Advance and Business, ensuring people with different needs are able to choose an appropriate one for their business. These 3 plans come with different features and respectively start at $5.99/mo, $7.99/mo and $15.99/mo regularly. At this moment, this company is offering a huge discount, with which the service price is low to $2.49/mo. Therefore, all the Host28 hosting solutions re affordable for business site owners.


No matter which package you choose from this web host, you are allowed to pay for your service via both credit cards and PayPal. Therefore, you are able to complete a payment easily and securely. In addition, if you are unhappy with the plan you choose within the first 30 days, you can ask for refund because of the 30 days money back guarantee Host28 provides.

Host28 Hosting Features

Features are important when running business websites. Knowing this clearly, Host28 integrates each of its plans with rich features, including PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5, Perl 5.10, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL 9.1, Python 3.2 and MySQL 5.5. Therefore, all of them are 100{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} compatible with majority of applications used to create business websites. In addition, no matter which solution you choose, you can get up and running within a few minutes because this web host provides free instant setup.

What’s more, each Host28 hosting plan is integrated with CloudFlare CDN for better hosting performance and SSH for secure remote management. In addition, both Basic and Advance come with a free shared SSL certificate and Business plan is featured with a free private SSL certificate, ensuring all information left on the hosted business websites is highly encrypted. An SSL certificate installed at your site can help you boost customer confidence and improve site rank.

Besides, Host28 offers an enhanced and easy-to-use cPanel control panel to help people manage their domains, sites, emails, files and data effortlessly. Moreover, a Softaculous 1-click installer is included in cPanel, with which you can install any software that you want to use to create your business website easily, even though you do not have any technical skill.

There are also many other features and sufficient server resources included in each Host28 web hosting plan. To learn the details, read the information in the following screenshot.


Host28 Hosting Performance

Hosting performance is the most important thing for running a business website. Therefore, Host28 utilizes a state-of-the-art data center in Chicago, which is equipped with thousands of quality Dell servers, fully redundant power supply, 2N UPS technology, N+1 central chilled water plant and N+2 CRAHs. Besides, the data center is highly secured with bio-metric access, anti-tailgating protocols and stationary cameras.

In addition, each of the Dell servers comes with over 32 GB RAM, and RAID 5 with SSD drivers. Besides, 1.8MW of critical IT power and BGP connections are adopted to deliver faster hosting speed. Furthermore, a group of VMware-certificated technicians are monitoring the entire network 24×7, so they can resolve any sudden issue immediately to ensure hosted business websites run with the least interruption. According to our survey, Hos28 offers 99.9{6232251bef66d284a50ded0850fa639d6a6beb1c70342647d6c1b39d9aef2a74} uptime and fast speed. Therefore, business websites hosted with this company can run smoothly and stably.

Host28 Customer Service

In addition to web hosting service, customer service is also important. To ensure business owners can concentrate on their business when hosting with them, Host28 provides a high level of 24×7 US-based customer service via email, tickets, and live chat. Therefore, no matter when you have any issue with your site hosted with them, you can contact them via the way you prefer, and you will be responded instantly and get an efficient solution to your problem.

Moreover, Host28 technicians also have worked out a great pile of guides in their knowledgebase to teach customers how to create, manage and optimize their websites in an efficient way. Besides, there are also many useful tutorials to teach people how to deal with common issues independently.

Conclusion: Host28 is the best option for small-to-medium business

Based on the aspects we reviewed above, we can learn that the service from Host28 comes with low prices, rich features, useful tools, solid uptime and fast speed. In addition, this web host offers responsive customer service to help business owners resolve issues. Therefore, it is really the best choice for hosting small-to-medium business websites.



  1. Louis

    I like this web host because my site can run smoothly and rapidly with them. In addition, their support experts are so professional, having helped me deal with my issues quickly and efficiently each time I contact them. I am required to pay less than 3 USD each per month. Host28 hosting service is very cheap and worth going.

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