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If you own a computer and write anything over it, you definitely need to get Grammarly and start using it. Grammarly is one of the best English corrector online which you can find and it can easily help you write anything you want in your PCs or your laptops. Getting Grammarly is one of the best things which you can do for your computer and even if you need to write anything, Grammarly will have your back, as it will be continuously telling you if you have made any mistakes in your text.

No matter what you type, you have to get Grammarly as it works right with your browser and if you are posting an update on Facebook, writing an E-mail or making an assignment, then you should definitely install Grammarly and start taking full help from it. Grammarly is free to install on your computers and you can easily download it and start using it without any issues. It is available on the main website from where you can download other stuff too.

free premium grammarly account

Grammarly works even better than the default grammar checker which you have in your PC. It corrects punctuation, spelling errors and marks the corrected and incorrect words. It comes in two versions, the free one and the premium one. The free version offers all the basic things in Grammarly which you would need, yet the premium one offers even more error free writing and a great collection of newly suggestions which you can use in your texts.

Now if you want a normal account of Grammarly, go ahead and download and install it from the official website and if you want the premium account, you would be asked to pay for that plan. This premium plan easily gives your writing skills a boost and you easily get to write everything without any issues or any kind of mistakes.

But before you actually buy the premium plan, there are a few things which you actually need to know about Grammarly Premium.

It comes up with a great and a totally new set of words which would help you in writing everything as per your will and making it error free at the same time. You would be easily able to write new words and along with that, the best part about Grammarly Premium is that it even checks for plagiarism at the same time. The best thing about plagiarism checker in Grammarly Premium is that it evenly checks for any of the copied material in the content you write, which means that if you want to write anything important, be it your essay or your assignments, which you don’t want to have even a per cent of copied content, then the Grammarly Premium is the best option for you to opt for and start writing your content with.

Along with that, the Grammarly Premium is one of the best thing you can actually go for as it easily checks for the spelling errors too which you might be having in the texts which you write or anything you write on your computers.

Also, if you are writing an important email or you are making a presentation for your work at office or at school, then you need to get Grammarly Premium for sure. If you just can’t afford any kind of mistakes, be it grammatical or punctuation, then Grammarly premium is the best option for you.

Just not that, but there is also an option for the use of new words. This means that if you are writing anything, and you want to impress the person for whom you are writing, then you would definitely need to turn on this feature of Grammarly Premium as it easily allows you to search for new and fancy words with exactly the same meaning. It would display suggestions for the new words which you can choose and make your texts better with.

Another great option and feature of Grammarly Premium is that it provides you with examples for each word if you want that. Most of the times, there are many people who are learners of grammar and in that case, there is nothing better than getting examples for everything which you write. You would be getting suggestions in the Grammarly Premium where ever you write on your computer and in any app.

Most of the times, other apps just have a single screen and you have to copy all the text there in order to check grammar and all. But in Grammarly account, you just have to write anywhere in your browser and it would be running in the background perfectly. If you are writing a Facebook post or writing anything, it would be correcting the grammar for you totally finely. Also, you just have to install the extension on Chrome and you can use Grammarly totally easily.

How to get Grammarly Premium for free

First of all, just go to the official site of Grammarly and go to login screen.

Get Grammarly Premium for student using Flikover:

Flikover is a great tool which helps you get all your favorite SEO tools at very less rates and all you have to do is to create a Flikover account and easily start purchasing Grammarly Premium. The best thing about Flikover is that you can get Grammarly Premium here only for Rs. 150 or about 3$ only. Go to Flikover and install the Chrome extensions as per the needs, which would be mentioned there for sure.

Sign up using your Referral link

This method is a really simple way to get Grammarly premium for free and you can easily do it b following a few steps and enjoying Grammarly Premium account for free for lifetime.

  1. First, go to this Grammarly link
  2. Now, download the extension asked there on your browser, be it Safari, Chrome or even Firefox.
  3. Now, sign up for Grammarly from the very same extension and go ahead to enjoy Grammarly Premium for free for lifetime.
  4. However, if you face any issues in this process, then go ahead and try some other browser.

Grammarly Premium Access Codes

If you are a new user, then you can even try these free Grammarly Premium cookie access codes which would give you free Grammarly Premium account.













So, this was the full process to get a free Grammarly Premium account 2018 which you can try for sure and see if you would be able to get Grammarly Premium free.

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