How to get your kid interested in studying

Importance of study table

Most of the children don’t particularly like studying. Parents need to coerce them to study. This is quite usual in case of every child. But as the child grows up, he needs to develop an affinity towards studying. There is a limit to which parents can compel children to study. The main factor that discourages children to study is a disorderly study table. A neat and clean study table will definitely affect the mentality of a child towards studies. Here we will discuss the importance of study tables and suggestions to follow while choosing them.

Does your child have his or her own study table? If not buy them one soon. There are good study tables for kids by Urban Ladder and similar companies. You can even order online and they will deliver to your homes. There are many types of study table available. One with a couple of drawers would be great for your kids. They will get good space to keep their books and writing equipments.


A study table should be placed in a position where there is plenty of light. The ideal way is that the study table should be facing the source of light. This would prevent any shadows on the table and ensure a well lit environment.

Make sure that there are no distractions in the room where you keep the study table. Avoid a room with TV. Seeing the television, the child will have a tendency to watch TV. Teach him to manage his time. Of course, kids should have some time for games and TV. No child will like to study the whole time. Encourage him to play games- not mobile games, but real outdoor games.

Clean and comfortable

The table top should be kept clean. Ask your child to keep his books in the drawers and cupboards. A crowded table top will distract the thoughts of children. Make them learn the importance of cleanliness. It is truly important to keep your concentration on the matter at hand. Trying to study many things at the same time would lead to total confusion. The table should also be spacious. A study lamp is highly recommended for your kids’ study table.

What time to study?

The ideal time to study is early mornings. Your mind would be fresh and you can absorb things fast. Make your children to wake up early and study. Most of the studious kids do their studies in the morning. Waking up early is also good for your body. Advise your kids to develop a timetable and follow it. Studies show that when you study everyday at a regular time, your mind can grasp things more clearly and easily. Make your kids study for themselves. Helping with their home works is ok but don’t do everything for them. Let them think and make their own choices. They should learn from their mistakes. Encourage your kids to develop an affinity to study. Let them study and fulfill their dreams.


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