3 Gaming Innovations Still Ruling the Online Scene

When computer gaming began, people had to make the most of very simple games like Tetris, Minesweeper, and basic casino games like video poker or blackjack to be played with in-game currency. But, enhanced by the ever-increasing power of the internet, gaming has become even better, particularly for those who have enjoyed time in casinos.

Now, online casinos boast hundreds of different games in an attempt to provide a gaming experience that everyone can enjoy. They’ve moved away from the bog-standard classic games found in land-based casinos – which were originally quickly converted for online players – and have introduced many innovative gaming creations.

Soundtrack Games

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The biggest land-based casinos will boast over 100 slot games to sit down at and put coins into. But online casinos took the classic slot machine and made it superpowered. Now, the average slot game online boasts many different features, animations, and bonuses that simply couldn’t be used on the old standing machines. In fact, the best casinos online continue to push innovation, as it helps online casino providers stand out from the very intense competition.

One of the most popular innovations of quite recent game creations are soundtrack games. To celebrate 20 years of success, NetEnt went on tour, releasing three soundtrack-themed games: Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix, and Motorhead. Not only are the games in the theme of the bands such as Jimi Hendrix’s classic pastel colors, but they also have a running playlist of their best songs.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games have long been among the most popular games thanks to, you guessed it, the ever-increasing jackpot that they have available to be won. There are two main forms of progressive jackpot game right now. One is a standalone game which people can play at the best online casinos to be in with a chance of winning big. The second is a series of games which all link to the same jackpot, allowing people the play for the jackpot on whichever game suits them the best.

Game creator Playtech has become very popular thanks to the progressive jackpot games that they’ve created in both areas. Jackpot Giant, for some time now, has stood with the biggest jackpot at well over 8 million. Then there’s the Age of the Gods range. Adapted from their incredibly popular Marvel series – which sadly ended when Disney took over Marvel – the Age of the Gods series offers a very varied set of games for people to enjoy while competing for the same massive jackpot.

Licensed themed games

‘Film Fallout Podcast #72 – War for the Planet of the Fleabags’ by BagoGames, via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Everyone’s a fan of something, so it made sense for game developers to acquire licensing to create games themed on some of the most popular games, films, and television shows. With special bonuses, animations, sounds, and features that liken to the media depicted as well as tiles in the same design, licensed theme games are incredibly popular online.

One of the most recent games in the slots genre to be released is Planet of the Apes by NetEnt, which has the player playing two games at once, covering the first two movies of the rebooted trilogy. Then there are all of the classics like The Matrix, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Kong: 8th Wonder of the World, Robocop, Rocky, and much more at the best casinos online.

Casinos have made the most of the possibilities of the internet by innovating the old games of the brick and mortar halls into many different games that can appeal to everyone. 

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