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It is well known how infuriating it feels when one is playing a very interesting game and suddenly it stops and then it is told that in order to continue, the player will first have to purchase a few items such as the required number of diamonds or energy drinks, etc.

But now gamers will have nothing to worry about, as their dilemma will now be solved without spending even a buck. Freedom Apk is here to solve our problems and make every gaming experience, an inexpensive one.

First and foremost, Freedom APK is a hacking tool that lets you hack or cheat into a game or app. For example, during a game, we are forced to do some in-app purchases in order to continue playing the game but Freedom APK lets use skip that step by hacking the app and letting you buy those very in-app products for free.

Download freedom apk

Freedom APK is truly working up to its name. Finally, avid gamers will play with full freedom.

How to use Freedom APK?

Before the steps for properly using Freedom APK are explained, one must remember that only after rooting our android phones, will we be able to use Freedom APK. For any details on how to properly root our android phones, a simple Google search will be enough.

Once we properly complete the rooting process, we need to install the Freedom app. The gamer needs to remember to download the latest version of Freedom APK to fully enjoy all its benefits.

The gamer can either download it directly on the computer or can transfer the APK file to the android device.

But one has to make sure about some settings before installing the Freedom APK app. One has to click the security settings and press the option called “unknown sources”. It is only after pressing this option, will the device remember and be allowed to install other files rather than just the ones from the Google play store.

After this step, the gamer has to locate the setup file transferred from the personal computer or downloaded from the file manager.

The gamer has to now open the file. If the app says that, “freedom is not available in your country”, click the option that says ‘go to time settings’ and then change your time zone to GMT+4.00(Moscow) or +5.45(Kathmandu).

After performing this step, the device might ask for root access, if the said happens, do not panic. This is a routine step and nothing to worry about. The gamer has to simply press OK to all the permissions the app says to provide.

If the said permissions are given, the installation will be done and the Freedom setup will be installed on your device in a couple of seconds.

This is the last step. After completing this procedure, the Freedom APK app will be available at your disposal to use and hack into any game or app the gamer would like to handle.


Although the gamer might feel that this is such an easy app to use and how many bucks would he/she be saving by using this app, he/she should skip a second and think to stop about the consequences of what the person is doing. He/she is using a hacking tool to cheat a developer.

They are violating the law for their own personal gains. On lawful grounds, not only are they committing a heinous crime but also putting their reputation at risk when they will be caught.

Although the application is free and easy to use, they have mentioned nowhere about the safety of the computer being used to run this application. Nowhere have they mentioned that the gamer would be free from any prosecution if the act of hacking is ever caught by the government.

Also, think about the morality of the act of hacking that the gamer would be committing. The gamer is not only committing a crime but also robbing someone of their livelihood.

There is a person out there in the world that manages their house, feeds their children with the amount of money he/she gets when someone buys the in-app purchases.

Not only are we robbing them of their hard-earned salary but we are also wasting the number of resources used to build the product. So, before any gamer starts to use this app, he/she should stop and think for a second that if his actions rob a poor child of one meal, is it worth it?

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