How to edit videos using softwares on your Windows 8

I am sure that you all have uses various kinds of softwares and tools in your windows 8 operating system. You have also noticed that sometimes you need to pay hundreds of dollars for many softwares and still not satisfied from those softwares. For example if you want to use a video editing software and after paying hundreds of dollar on that software you are not satisfied. But thanks to windows 8 operating system.Users now have two choices if they want to edit their videos on windows 8.Keep reading below and find out that how can you edit your videos for free on your windows 8.In this post we are going to discuss how to edit videos on windows 8.

free video editing software for windows 8 user

1. Movie Maker

Movie Maker allows user to edit videos quickly and easily.Movie maker is a easy video editing software.It contains many options which can satisfy users but those who want to edit their videos professionally then they might not like this software. This app is totally free of cost and you can user this video editing tools without paying for any extra charges.this is completely free movie editing software.Follow the steps carefully which are listed below.

1. Firstly you need to download Windows Essentials. To download this software simply click here. 

2. Once you have finished your downloading then simply Install Windows Essentials.

3. After that choose the program you want to install it on your Pc.

4. Click on close button as the installation process is finished.


After that go to your start screen by pressing the windows key. Click on the arrow which is located on the bottom left side on your start screen. As you click on that arrow a list will appear which shows all type of softwares which are installed in your system. Simple click on Movie maker. Then click the Accept button. That’s all you have now successfully installed windows movie maker on your windows 8 operating system. You can easily edit your videos by opening your files or by directly recording your videos from your Webcam.

2. Movie Moments

This is the simplest way to edit your videos on your windows 8 devices.Movie Moments is the free software that is already installed in all type on windows 8 devices. You will also get this software for free if you download the latest windows 8.1 update from microsoft windows store.

To access the Movie Moment read the below steps nicely and follow them

1. Go to your start screen by pressing the windows key on your keyboard.

2. Again click on arrow at the bottom left side of your start screen.

3. Search for Movie Moments in the list of installed softwares.

4. Then simply choose a video by clicking on Pick a video option.

edit videos on windows 8

You can also edit your videos immediately through your webcam, front camera or from rear camera. This software also allows user to add a music in your video file by just touching the music button.


Both of these softwares which are mentioned above in this article are absolutely free.I will prefer you to use both softwares personally and then decide that which is the best one. Hope, you will have liked free movie editing software article. If you face any problem after reading the above article then you can leave a comment below in the comment section listed below and can share your problems with us. At the last do not forgot to tell your friends for this article.


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