How To Format Memory Card Using Step Guide

Today we are going to see post on how to format memory card.Memory cards are now a days used in all types of devices, and they also works amazingly for transferring files from one destination to other. Before you use a memory card on your system it is must to format that unlock memory card. While there are many memory cards which comes pre-formatted but by formatting your card before using it can give you better performance and by this way you can also clean out older and unused files present in your can also read how to recover formatted memory card

formatting memory card

You all should know that there is a big difference between erasing your data on memory card and formatting it. This is the thing which lots of people do not understand. You should make a habit of formatting your card twice in a year, depending on how often you are using your memory card. Compare to erasing your card data formatting can take little longer time but by this way you can maintain your card nicely.

How To Format A Memory Card Using Various Methods

Formatting memory card is not at all a difficult procedure. If you are not knowing this procedure then don’t worry you just have to follow the simple steps listed below to do it : –

Method 1:How To Format Memory Card Using SD Formatter Tool

1. Firstly, before starting with this method you need to download SD Formatter on your PC. You can easily get this tool online for free of costs. This tool is provided by the SD Association and this is one of the most popular and recommended tool for formatting your SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. You can easily get this tool for your Windows and Mac OS X.

2. After downloading this amazing tool, simply install it on your pc.

3. Now insert your card into your Pc with the help of card reader or connecting direct by your devices.

4. Before formatting your card please make sure that your card doesn’t contains your important files or other data. So, kindly backup you data to a fresh location wherever you want to save them on your Pc.

5. Open SD Formatter and click on “Format Options” for adjusting your formatting settings.

6. Now, provide a name to your card and verify the size of your card.

7. That’s all, now you just have to click on “Format” button to start the formatting process.

Method 2:Format Memory Card Using the Windows Formatting Tool 

1. Insert your memory card in the card slot and connect with your Pc.

2. Now open you car by pressing “Win + E” button to open windows explorer.

3. Search for your card and then right-click on your card.

4. Simply select the “Format” option to start the formatting process.

All set, you just have to click on “Start” button to begin with your formatting procedure. This can take few minutes depending on your card size.

Method 3:Formatting Memory Cards Using the Mac Disk Utilities Tool

1. Insert your card into a card reader and then connect it with your Pc.

2. Open your utilities folder and then launch disk utilities.

3. Now, select your card and simply click on the “Erase” button.

That’s all. You just need to click on the “Erase” button to start with your formatting process.

So, these are some simple and effective methods by which you can easily format your memory card. If you have any type of doubt in your mind after reading the whole article carefully then kindly leave your comments below in the comment box. I’m always there with you all to help you in your problems.


  1. vishal fulwani

    Hey mahesh,
    Awesome post and you describe all of easy and coolest method which we use to format our memory card. I’m always using windows formatting tool but after reading your post i got more ways 🙂

    Thanks for sharing

  2. metz

    Hi Mahesh!

    First time to hear the 2 other options/ways to format a memory card. Formatting memory cards usually done using Smartphones or computers. The “Method 2: Format Memory Card Using the Windows Formatting Tool” is interesting and it’s my first time to read such tip.

    Well, this is necessary because sometimes, we need it if something went wrong or if we think there’s a virus in our memory disk. Formatting it is the easiest way to prevent possible errors that will affect out gadgets.

  3. Harry Bronson

    The best method that I have found and always use for formatting a memory card is the second one. Formatting the card by connecting it with the PC is a quick and smooth process, and provides complete reliability. I would also love to know if the memory card can be formatted with Command Prompt?

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