Fix Usb Device Not Recognized Error On Windows

If you are windows 8 or Windows Xp, Windows & user you may receive annoying usb device not recognized error which will Pop out when you plug in Usb device to your Pc or laptop.If you usb device is not detected ,then this step guide article will show you to fix usb not recognised issue on windows XP or other windows could follow below procedure in any order to fix usb ports stopped working.But I will suggest you to follow as we mentioned below because we are going from easy fix to tough one.All solution are super easy but need to follow carefully.Caution ,Below Method to fix usb not recognized is tried and tested but unexpected behaviour can’t be guaranteed so, do it at your Own Risk.For Example you can see below screen shot.

How to Fix USB not Detected On Windows 7 , XP, 8

In this article ,we are going to see several methods to fix same issue.every method which we are about to see has same result I.e fix usb not recognised. Let’s Find each of them in details.

usb not working

Method 1 – In this method , you just need to restart your computer several time.Make sure Usb device should be ejected while restarting this procedure kind of refresh drivers of usb which will take the affect of Malfunctioning].One you get back after restart ,Plug in your usb drive if it say’s usb not detected then follow Next Method.Why we are going stepwise in this article? Because some time issue occur due to simple drivers malfunction which solve most of the after simple restart.Here you can also check out the how to remove sd card error on windows pc

Method 2 – Here, we are going to Format your Usb drive or memory card for corrupt file issue.If this also doesn’t solve usb ports not working .Follow further method.

Method 3 – In this method we are going to update drivers for better can always download these driver based on your product like if you have Dell Laptop then you can find out it on Dell site.

Method 4 – In last method , we are going to manually upgrade USB driver with simple steps.[Follow this only if above things didn’t work for you then you should follow below step ..

how to remove usb not detected on windows 7

  • Unplug Usb drives from your computer.
  • Go To device manager.
  • Uninstall Each root Hub driver from list.
  • Restart your computer.(during restart windows will auto install usb driver again,which will certainly get you rid of usb not recognised error on windows).

Hope this post , would have help you to solve the issue usb not recognised on XP.If you have any question or query which you can always write down in our comment can also share this post on your social group to help more friends.for More such tips you can subscribe our post update from our email update box.Enjoy…thx

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