Easy Ways to Extend Your Wi-Fi

Wireless internet is everywhere now, from our homes and workplaces to the local takeaway and even on buses. If you’re finding at home that your Wi-Fi isn’t quite up to scratch, it keeps cutting out when you’re in bed, won’t quite reach that far corner of the garden for playing music at barbecues or struggles when a few devices are using it, don’t worry. There are a variety of easy ways to improve and extend your Wi-Fi.

Get Two Routers

There’s some debate about the impact of having two routers, but if you have a big house it’s possible to use two or more. You need to make sure both routers are on the same network first, but otherwise there are various benefits to having two routers:

  • Support more devices
  • Improved wireless reach to accommodate far away devices
  • Enables network isolation

Make sure you place the second router in the optimal position to extend your Wi-Fi. Plus, it can provide support for more wired devices as well.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Having more devices use a wired ethernet cable to connect to the internet has two benefits. Firstly, it means that those devices get the fastest, most reliable connection. Secondly, all the other devices relying on Wi-Fi get a boost as there are now fewer laptops, phones, tablets and more using it. Keep it tidy by using some cable ties from RS Components in your home.

Add Wi-Fi Range Extenders

An easy way to quickly improve the reach of Wi-Fi in your home is to invest in a Wi-Fi range extender. There are a wide variety of these available that take just a few minutes to install and can provide full coverage to your home. Place the extender at a midpoint between your router and the dead zone for best results.

Update Your Router

Sometimes a simple update can work wonders. Manufacturers are always tweaking software to improve performance and speed, so it’s worth checking this first. How easy it is to update your router will depend on the manufacturer and model. Alternatively, adding an extra antenna to your router can extend its range.  

Buy a New One

Finally, sometimes routers just grow old and tired and are surpassed by modern ones. When this is the case it’s a lot easier to just buy a new router, which will provide a much greater Wi-Fi reach, rather than attempting to improve your existing one.

Hopefully one of these ideas will help extend your Wi-Fi in your home.

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