Droid4x Android Emulator For PC & Mac

The latest android emulator, Droid4x comes with much more advanced features than any other of its counterparts like Youwave or Bluestacks. This emulator is specially designed for you if you are a game addict.

In the last 2 years android operating system has become very much popular. Even the old hero, Blackberry is going to launch their new phones with android operating system. Innumerous game and app developers came up with some amazing android games and apps. Today, people are so much addicted to these apps and games that they want to enjoy these applications even in their laptops or computers. However, android apps cannot be run in a computer unless it has a separate desktop version! With Droid4x software, you will be able to overcome this problem and enjoy any android application in your laptop or PC.

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Download Droid4x Android Emulator:

The developers of this free software, Droid4x are continuously working on bugs and fixing them as soon as they are found and new updates are releasing very often with the fixtures of the bugs. You can update your old version of the software with the latest version any time. Click here to download Droid4x android emulator.

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Why Droid4x?

Bluestacks is the most popular android emulator till date. However this new software, Droid4x is capable of delivering a better usability than that of Bluestacks.

  • If you are a Smartphone addict then you can also use your phone as a joystick tool to play games.
  • With Droid4x emulator, you can record your screen too.
  • Users are having installation problems, Graphics Card errors with Bluestacks android emulator. Droid4x promises to give a better and faster service to the users by overcoming these errors.
  • You will be able to control Droid4x on your PC with your Smartphone. Simply, here you can connect with mobile and desktop features with the software.
  • With Bluestacks or with Youwave, you have some limitations while using android apps but with Droid4x you have got no limitations. You can also play motion games or other generic games here which were not supported in the previous android emulators.

Step wise guide for installation of Droid4x Android Emulator:

  • Open the file after downloading the software from the link given above.
  • Follow all the on screen instructions one by one.
  • Droid4x installation will start soon.
  • Wait while the installation is running.
  • On screen instructions will be provided to you on how to use the software.
  • Home page of Droid4x will pop up. The home page has 3 categories, Desktop, Recommends and App store. Go to app store and set up Google Play Store account.
  • Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Your Google Play Store account will show up.

Everything is done and you can enjoy mini android operating system in your laptop or PC through Droid4x software. Next, search for the applications you want to run in your PC and open them to enjoy them.

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