How To Download/Install Pokémon Go for iOS and Android Phone In India

Int this article we are going to show you how to download install pokemon go on android phones.This was the news when Pokémon Go was first launched, “With Pokémon go being launched in UK for all the Android and IOS device users it appears that it is surely going to be successful game”… well this was the news on Pokémon go first came out into the market, and indeed Pokémon go took the market by surprise. Being launched in a handful of countries, other than India people are running around and playing Pokémon go out on the streets.
pokemen go app download

Now to talk about Pokémon go, the first thing that I love about the game is that you no longer have to sit in your couch, take a bag of chips and start playing the game. To play Pokémon go he has to install the app on your Android or iPhone device, and head out into the street looking for Pokémon’s and that may be throughout your whole city.

While playing Pokémon go, usually notice that people around you has changed. And indeed, yes games till now were only played on PC PS4 or an Android device which never really taken out into the streets. To play Pokémon, you will need go out and explore your town or the whole city which be your playground.

Now note that Pokémon go is only available in countries which, I will be listening now so if you are country is enlisted then you may have to download the file in other way.

List of countries where Pokémon go is available:

Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Denmark Finland Germany Greece Greenland Hungary Iceland Island Italy Malta Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Sweden Switzerland UK and of course US.

How will you play If Pokémon Go isn’t Available In Your Country:

With that being said, today I am going to show you how you can play Pokémon go on your Android device & for your iPhone device.

How to download Pokemon Go on android phones

For all the Android uses, you can simply go to Play Store and type in Pokémon go and download the APK file. And for those people who own Android phone but can’t download from the and play store. You will simply have to go for a APK Mirror, which will be available if you just go through a search engine and type in Pokémon go apk. Be sure that you download from authentic site, which will prevent you from downloading any malware or virus onto your smartphone.


download pokemon go apkDownload Pokemon Go for iOS

And for iOS users you can simply go to Apple store and type in Pokémon go and download it directly into your iPhone or iPad. And if you can’t find Pokémon go for your iPhone in the Apple app store, you will need to turn off your account and download the iOS Pokémon go mirror file from the Internet. And then you need to disable all the services that will prevent you from installing a third party app.

Note for Both Android and iOs users:

For both iPhone and iOS user you will need to sign in into your Google account to start playing the game. Note that there has been a few issues with signing in from Google account, so I would like to recommend you to open a new Gmail account when you want to get signed in into the Pokémon go account.

So hope you enjoy playing this amazing game, don’t just sit in your room from now. Intall the game and get out and start playing Pokémon go… because you gotta catch em all.

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