DOOGEE X5 Pro 4G Smartphone

Doogee X5 Pro 4G Smartphone is available in black and white colors. Though it follows a minimalist style, the design matches not only the young ages but also the businessmen. The phone is neither rough nor slippery to grip. The back of the phone has appropriate edges and curves to give it a sporty look. The polycarbonate cover is coated with rubber which gives the phone a premium touch and protects the phone as an scratch.movietube apk download

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Features Of DOOGEE X5 Pro 4G

Every hole of the Doogee X5 Pro model is made by CNC engraving machines. The phone has no imperfections. The Smartphone model comes in 5 inches High definition IPS display along with 1280*720 resolutions promising a superior viewing experience with sharp images and rich colors. The phone has an easy to use interface and there are four custom wallpapers while the icons supplement each other for a more natural look.On this mobile you can watch movie online.

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The phone is run under the new Android Lollipop Operating system and with MTK6735 64bit Quad Core processor with a 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. You will be able to do more things in real time with this superfast CPU. The phone runs with Mali-T720 GPU. Internal storage s of 2 GB and it can be further expanded through external storage with the help of micro SD cards up to 32 GB.
The front camera is of 2 MP while the rear camera is of 5 MP along with flash light. The camera function features includes anti shake photo capture, face beauty and HDR and the phone also supports video recording.

The phone has a very good sound system in it. The sound cavity is independent and hence is more airtight and enclosed to the structure. The sound created is more powerful as the energy produced by the loudspeaker is more concentrated. Very stereoscopic sound effects can be realized due to this louder and better and independent sound cavity.

Touch screen
With this phone you will have fast access to all your applications at once. Moreover the touch screen pulse is also better so a longer longevity is expected even with a rough use. There are some easy to access short cut keys such as drawing a “C” to take a picture and skipping to the next song in your playlist without unlocking the screen. Some other short cuts include: Drawing a horizontal line to make a call, drawing “M” to start listening to music, drawing “W” to check your inbox, drawing a line down to take a picture, double tap on the screen to wake up and many more.

Battery ,Wifi & Lot More
Xender 2.0 is an inbuilt app in this Smartphone with which you can send and receive files without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi at a ten times greater speed with only a slide to your Smartphone screen.
The battery is of 2400mAh and it supports fast charging. As far as connectivity is concerned the phone supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, GPS and many more and as far as sensor is concerned it supports Gravity Sensor, Proximity Sensor and Ambient Light Sensor.

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