How to disable USB ports on any PC or Laptop

Now days, USB ports became a huge problem for many computer users.In this post ,we are covering the topic of how to disable usb ports on any computer.Sometime USB mass storage drive lead to problems like unauthorised user access and virus.most of computers are get infected due to a USB drives because people carries data in pen drive they  plug-in drives on various machine which are most of time infected by Viruses ,malware , adware.if they plugged same to your system it will make your computer infected which later lead to various issues.we can prevent all this by disabling USB ports on your computer this prevent unauthorised data access and prevent various vulnerability issues of, we are going to discuss many solution to this problem because their are several ways to disable usb ports on computer we will see several methods to tackle the issue.

How to disable USB ports using registry

Here, we will see how to disable usb ports using registry.registry is set of  entries given for windows to hold current states of system and to maintain systems, we are going to edit the entry in registry to disable usb ports.But before doing this i prefer you should take the back up of your registry.any unwanted edit could broke your computer so do it can also check out how to skip internet survey

  • First Open registry editor,you can get that by holding  Windows Key + R or by clicking on start and run.once run box appear type regedit and hit enter for further execution.

how to disable usb ports windows 7

  • Once registry editor appear you will see a stack of entry.Navigate to following key computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\USBstop

disable USB ports on any computer

  • In the right pane of windows find Start and perform double click on it.
  • Now in the value box change the value from 3 to 4
  • Then hit Ok and restart your laptop or pc to see affect of operation.

How to disable USB posts Using Device manager

Device manager is a hardware panel on any windows.Device manger list the various hardware devices available on disable USB posts on computer using device manger follow below method.

  • Go to Run and type ‘devmgmt.msc’ then hit Enter and it will open Device manger.
  • Now navigate Universal serial Bus Controller and expand it.
  • After expanding USB controller,perform a right click on selected port and choose disable from right menu.
  • Now your usb posts are disable
  • You can now Enable it always by following process by choosing enable from right menu options.

Hope this post would have help you in disable usb ports on computer. If you have had any issue during process do let me know it below comment section.

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