How to Create a Beautiful Photography Blog

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in sharing pictures on the internet. Do you know how many pictures are taken every day? It is more than 380 million every day! So it is a tough work to make your picture sharing stand out, but it is possible! Pour your passion to photography blog, and take some strategy! Your shinning photography blog can capture people’s eyes! But where can you start from? In below, we’d like to explain the process step by step.

Choosing a Niche

First of all, you have to pick up a niche for your photography blog. A successful blog is aimed at specific reader group. There is seldom a blog appealing to everyone. So, choose a niche firstly. The niche could be food, travel, fashion, sports, nature, weather, animal, etc. based on your blog subject. It also could be a photography skill, such as digital manipulation.

But the niche should excite you as well as others. If you are not excited about it, how could you work hard to make it successful with passion and enthusiasm? If your niche is narrow, your readers are just a small group too. Besides, you had better know about the niche so that you can offer photos and content in depth, which readers prefer.

Create a Photography Blog

After making sure your blog topic, you can start to create a blog to show your fruits. To start a blog, you need a blog name, namely domain name, web hosting, and a blogging platform.

Domain Name

The domain name for your blog, simply put, your blog URL, should be short, unique and memorable. To come up with such one, you can check the following tips:

  • Write down keywords related to your blog topic and then look for whether there are suitable synonyms or etymologies;
  • Use compound words, a phrase, a prefix, a suffix, or blending words;
  • Utilizing misspelling technique;
  • Don’t use hyphens in your domain name;

At last, to make sure your domain name is unique, you had better check out whether it is existed in social networks.

While you have decided your domain name, you need to register it in domain name registrars or web hosting companies. Now, many web hosting companies offer domain name registration service when you buy their web hosting. Some of them even offer free domain name registration.

Web Hosting

Next step to create a beautiful photography blog is to pick up a web hosting plan. Web hosting provides your blog with storage to store your photos, and other data; offers you bandwidth so that people can access your crafted photos; gives you other features that building a blog need.

In other words, if your beautiful photos are furniture, then web hosting is a house to the furniture. So, to better house your furniture, you need to get them a great house. Here we recommend you some best web hosting companies at, where you can find a list of top WordPress hosting providers here.


A blogging platform is essential and helps you ease building and managing your blog. WordPress is pretty good blogging software used by a great number of bloggers all over the world. For one, WordPress offers 40 languages, making it possible for more people to use it. Foe another, it is open source. It means free license. Best of all, WordPress has a large community, in which developers, engineers, bloggers, and so on contribute a lot and get it better. Besides WordPress, there are many other blogging platforms for you to choose, such as Drupal, Joomla,

Visual Experience

Now, we guess that you have already created a basic blogging frame if you follow our steps above. But you could find your blog is blank and ugly. So, this step is to make your blog good-looking.

Pick up a theme, which determines how your content present, majorly photos for you. You can select a beautiful theme in “Themes” tab right in WordPress dashboard. You can also get themes from other places, like Elegant Themes. But note that some themes are charged. Actually, there are a lot of themes free and good.

In addition, you can add plugins to increase flexibility, functionality and visual experience of your blog. For example, you can add Flickr Feed Gallery to connect your blog with your Flickr account if you have one.


At last, we want to remind you that do not forget content of your blog. You have to know that search engines always grape words in your blog to see what your site is about and rank it. So, write high-quality words to match your beautiful photos. You have created a beautiful photography blog, right? Now, share your great photos with others in your blog.

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