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How To Manage Cloud Storage Accounts At One Place !!!

In this post, we are going to see how to manage cloud storage into one account.Today cloud storage are everywhere and you perhaps have signed in for more than one services.Cloud storage has been offered by some of the biggest market players like Google, Apple, Drop box, OneDrive, flicker and so on. But managing cloud storage is just a time consuming job.(This is at least what I think).Every time when you want to work with these cloud data you need to go all over the Web for individual file access.Just in case if you have your documents in Google drive or Microsoft one-drive you individually need to visit each of this site to access specific file.But if I told you can manage all cloud storage in one place with a simple tricks .

Manage multiple cloud storage accounts is a tough.So Jolidrive come up with a solution which offer you to pull all your files from various combine  storage into one accounts to make your life easier. Jolidrive offer all this at the cost of nothing, yes it is true but to open some more features you have to share this service on your social profile and you are ready to manage multiple cloud storage services.

best Cloud Storage sites of 2014 are Jolidrive can also check out some jolidrive chrome extension to make your life more easy.Jolidrive combine free cloud storage account into single which really save your lot of effort or time.joli drive give you seem less integration of UI for better file & security which combine all storage account.To combine all your storage accounts you just to follow below procedure.

How To Managed Cloud Storage Using Jolidrive?

Either Create Jolidrive Or sign in with Facebook .Click the button to Get Started Now.

manage multi cloud storage

Then you will be presented with the list of all the supported combine free cloud storage. (As shown below)

how to manage multiple cloud storage

Click Add button for the services which you want to add in Jolidrive.
You need to grant permission for access for the app.
Click continue For further processing.
Then you will presented with the below screen for a Social Network(This will combine social Profile Picture & etc). Do as Above Add & Continue.

multiple cloud storage manager

Then you will presented with Video & a music pop-up(This will combine your video & sound related services).


managed cloud storage

Select & Continue
Then You will see your profile with selected account & their content as well.

Conclusion: Jolidrive is the best solution to combine all your files under one roof & it is on my top list of free services. This is service almost support all available Combine Cloud Storage accounts which gives you superb security & baby driving interface. I hope this trick will help you to reduce your effort of managing cloud files or let you Combine Cloud Storage into one.


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