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DOWNLOAD CLEAN MASTER APK FOR ANDROID : Clean Master is Windows software which clears junk files such as cache, virtual memory and offers other disk management system where you can delete or modify unwanted or less used files of your PC. Clean Master is also available in the android platform where it acts as storage analyzer, system booster, ram cleaner and performs other such tasks that allow you to modify tasks in real time basis.

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Recently handsets are getting more viral than computers and laptops hence Clean Master today is popularly renowned as an android application. Moreover the app removes lag while playing games or watching videos or while switching from one app to another app so it s more useful as an android app than a desktop software.

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You can know your handset more statistically with this app! Clean Master lists the amount of storage junked by a particular app or file hence you can check and delete unnecessary files and apps anytime. All you have to do is just select the files and simply remove it after checking the storage stats. Whenever we download a video or a song or an app or just anything from the internet, a part of it is stored as the cache file and history file which junks a part of our storage depending on its size. But we are lazy so we don’t check out for deleting these files in your storage, as a result a lot of storage gets un utilizable. Moreover even when we uninstall an app, we don’t care to delete the cache files. Clean Master will take care of these issues by automatically deleting unwanted cache and history files.When you are using your handset for quite a while, it gets hot. Clean Master will also take care of your phone temperature by cooling it down whenever it crosses the optimal temperature limit.

In short, you will be able to work more efficiently and fast, utilize your storage, check for files and phone performance with this wonderful app.


  • The app frees up storage space by automatically deleting junk files.
  • APP Lock.
  • All temporary background working apps will be silently killed because they are killing your battery!
  • It adjusts preferences to provide better battery life.
  • Antivirus for scanning both phone and SD card.

Download and Install Clean Master Apk On PC Or Android Phone?

  • Click here to download clean master android app.
  • Turn on installation from unknown sources option.
  • Install the app in your phone.

By this, you have successfully installed the android version of clean master app.

Clean Master Apk How to Use To Optimise you Android Phone Performance?

  • Open Clean Master app in your handset.
  • The app will automatically start scanning for junk files and very soon it will give you a statistical result. Unnecessary junks and malware will automatically be deleted.
  • From the statistical result of storage you can manually select unnecessary files to delete them.
  • Free RAM to make your phone work more efficiently.
  • Use cooler to cool your phone.

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