Clash Royale Best Android Game

When we look back at the time when mobile phones were newly introduced, we realise that how brilliantly we have transitioned from one phase to another with the help of technology. The touch screen mobile and its games were eye candy for everyone. Then, we came across Android smartphones and gaming experience was again elevated with improvement in technology. Slowly, we were introduced to visual reality games that could be enjoyed by adding few accessories to our already-perfect Android device.

When we closely look at the trend, the games like Farmville, Clash of Clans, and Clash Royale have become craze for youngsters. These are not very enhanced quality of games but have a unique concept which makes it even more interesting. Amidst all this, Clash Royale has won the hearts of many and is played by millions. Today we will explore that what makes Clash Royale the best Android game.   

Unique concept and easy to play

A game is liked by all because it has a good concept and is easy to play. So is the case with Clash Royale. This game is developed by Supercell which has derived its concept from Clash of Clans.

Everything is put up in the form of arena setting in Clash Royale and anyone can understand the concept and procedure of this game easily. You just have to select a set of 8 cards which launches the character that you will be using against your enemy towers in the game.

The moment you take down the tower of your respective enemy, you will be rewarded with points accordingly. However, you can directly win the game by destroying your enemy’s king’s tower. You will win the battle instantly at that very moment and will be rewarded with three crowns in a row.

There is a time limit of 3 minutes with an overtime of 1 minute. Whoever has more points in the end will be declared as winner. Either you destroy many towers or just one without losing any of your towers; you will be winner of that particular battle. After winning the battle, you get to collect trophies and level up your game by unlocking the chests and new cards that can be used in other game. Depending on your arena, you can unlock the cards and use them to create a powerful front against your enemy.

The only trick to succeed in this game is by developing a strong troop in such a way that you are not only good at destroying other’s tower, but also good at protecting yours. As you level up your game, you will come across stronger opponents to fight back and also better cards and chests to play effectively. However, when you will know the tricks of this game with time, you will be able to defend yourself from enemies with whatever cards, chests, powers, or characters you have with you.

Pay to win or lose

This is one of those games which can be made interesting by involving the payment in between the levels. This is not compulsory for everyone, but for those who are obsessed with this more than anything.

People who love to level up their game and make it a fun experience can purchase the chests, cards, powers, etc. These chests are easily available and you will have to pay a small amount of money for it. If you don’t want to purchase the cards then you can just keep playing the game and you will get the chests in a particular order.

Note: In the game there is a particular chest order in which you will receive the chests. It has 240 chest in one chest cycle.

There are times when you get defeated by a player who is still at lower level. This is all about the talent and focus. If you are really interested in the game, then you can easily purchase the cards, chests, and unlock the characters to become powerful. Surely, it may take longer to unlock the cards but if you start trying then it will be really fun to play.

Mind blowing experience with graphics

As far as graphics and concept of the game is concerned, it is amazing. Mobile games face a tough competition only because of quality of their graphics, and Clash Royale seems to be unbeatable. The best part about this game is the experience you have in clan.

Everything is designed and created in such a way that you will love every bit of it while playing. You can have battles with selected opponent at any point of time. You get to level up your game, only because of the clan and gaming experience in it. The latest trend in this game is Clan Chest which lets you collect the reward trophies and also gives you more cards as compared to others who have lower clan chest.

You can watch the videos of other clan mates and get ideas about how they level up their games. The tournament can be played with a group of friends and it will be fun to destroy the tower of your opponents. Friendly fights are also open for playing with your friends and these are the little visual adventures that you will enjoy with Clash Royale.

Final words

Thus, in the light of all the facts about the game Clash Royale, we can conclude that it is one of the best Android games in the market. When you look at the overall features which are embedded in this game, you cannot help yourself falling for it. It is extremely easy to learn and there are many tutorials available for people who have confusions regarding the tips and tricks to use in this game. Ultimately, the graphics, concept, and amazing features have made this one of the most preferred games in the Android gaming world. So download this game on your device and start playing with your friends now.  

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