7 Best Castle Building Android Games

Castle Building is one of a kind genre that became quite popular in the early days of Android. Since then many games came and went but few continued to rule the market! The base building games are mainly known for having simple tap controls and probably that’s what makes them so addictive.

If you want to make it big and sustain longer in castle building games then you must possess a strategic mindset also. 

A lot of Android users satisfy their construction and building aspirations by playing these kinds of games. The best part is that you can start churning out things from scratch and right in front of your eyes, you will witness your castle being formed.

Isn’t it amazing? To satisfy your hunger of Castle building, we present to you some of the most popular castle building Android games in 2019 that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. 

1) Clash of Clans

Who doesn’t know Clash of Clans? This game was an instant hit just after few months of its release. Some people credit Clash of Clans for bringing the biggest revolution of online multiplayer castle building games.

The game is actually an amazing blend of war stimulator and strategy. Your job as a user is to build a clan, level up the economy and get your people ready for the fights that you are going to soon indulge in.

The developers keep rolling out frequent updates and there are various seasonal celebrations happening now and then, and all of this is surely going to keep you interested in the game. In terms of user base also, Clash of Clans holds the most amount of active players as it’s one of the oldest games on the Android platform.

2) Castle Crush

If you are looking for a much simpler alternative to Castle Royale as it’s based on the card battle system then Castle Crush is something that you must go for. The game features some of the cutest characters that you will not find so easily in any of the other castle building games. If you are a fan of the hard looking characters then probably Castle Crush is not the right choice for you. 

The graphics are quite decent as these kind of games have to cater to most of the Android phones right from the lower specifications ones to the higher specifications ones. Lastly, if you have a secret desire of destroying a castle using one of the most simplest controls then install the game right away and start enjoying Castle Crush unlimited gems

3) Castle Clash

It’s a timer based quest gaming app that seems to be the top preference of many gamers. As the name suggests, you build your own clan right from zero, in which your troops would also be trained to defend and attack clans. There are not much of skills required to excel in the game but if you want to make the most effective and efficient moves then motor skills and strategy should be your ultimate weapon. 

The more you progress in the journey, the more interesting and challenging the whole game becomes but the best thing  is that it still remains quite easy to play. It suits all age groups right from kids to adults. There are a lot of stages that will come along tour way and trust us, it’s going to be a memorable experience that you will cherish for a period of time. 

4) Lords & Castles

If you feel that you are a “born king” then it’s time to rule the biggest kingdom of the history and that kingdom will be created by your own hands and intelligence. The world war is waiting to be won and your strategy is what will determine the final outcome! Start off in the journey by preparing the best defensive realm so that your castle is safe in your absence. 

The next part is to start preparations of attacking by accumulating army of 20+ troops. Many great leaders will be there to lead you in the journey of conquering the world. If you personally feel that the days of castles were the best then you must download and try the game right now. 

5) Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim

Firefly Studios, behind this game, have been into the zone of developing games since 2007. Stronghold Kingdoms: Castle Sim saw its first official public release on Microsoft Windows platform way before becoming a massive hit in the Android store. It’s an online multiplayer game that has its days or theme situated in the Medieval days. 

The game has been quite well received by the critics and inspite of having little low rating on the Play Store, you can still expect a lot from it. We have personally tested this game to the core and we are happy to conclude that most of its parts have been done pretty well and hopefully you shouldn’t get disappointed from it in any manner.

6) Boom Beach 

Another strategy based game coming straight out of the house of Clash of Clans developers. Just like most of the other listed games, this too has a deadly combination of different elements including base building, strategy, action, to name a few. Launch the game, build up your base, get your people ready and go on the most adventure filled fighting rides. 

The game sports decent graphics and this too consist of a large user base, so you can expect a lot of friends being made along your way. In the whole journey of building up your castle, you will find a lot of opportunities to upgrade your base in the most efficient manner. Boom Beach carries a lot of similarities to games like World of Clans, so choose wisely. 

7) Realm Grinder

If you are in the mood of playing a deep plot kingdom building game then Realm Grinder should be your ultimate choice! Many gamers who have been tired of playing the regular castle building games and thus they move towards the additions like Realm Grinder. In this piece, the kingdom building experience is just another level as you have a lot of opportunities, resources and decisions to decide upon. If you would like to collaborate then you could build alliances with different factions. 

We can guarantee you that once you start playing the game then you are never going to get bored as there are a lot of achievements, events, rich content, etc that will keep you hooked to your phone screen. It’s a classic castle building game which is a lot underrated and therefore you must give it a shot! 


We hope that this list would have made it easier for you in choosing one or more than one castle building games for your Android smartphone or tablet. Most of these games may be similar in a lot of aspects but there are a few additions that are worth the shot as they bring out something new to the table in spite of following the same old style/genre of castle building. 

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