From Brick and Mortar to iPhones: Casinos continue to Evolve

These days, almost every service or business that you would need to travel to just over 20 years ago is now accessible and interactive online. The internet has allowed connectivity and seamless activities beyond what we previously thought possible, but one industry that has not only managed to make the most of the phenomenon but also adapted quickly to its changes is the casino industry.

Brick and mortar casinos were always a popular venue for people looking to play games such as roulette and blackjack and win some money. Now, the offerings of the land-based casinos pale in comparison to that of online casinos. The internet changed the game, and casinos were more than willing to get their game offerings online to appeal to a much wider audience.

Now, every form of casino game has evolved into something new or something innovative to appease the masses of the online world, and the transformation has been quite spectacular.

Slots: From penny shooters to multi-million jackpots

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You still see people flocking to the slot machines at land-based casinos and arcades because they offer big jackpots, and there’s nothing quite like the sound of coins tumbling into the metal trough. But, land-based slots always were rather restricted in what they could do.

Then came online casino slots. They started off as simple, video replicas of the originals but with some different themes and perhaps some added information. But, as developers have become more accustomed to the capabilities of their creation software, more innovative and exciting creations have appeared. You can still play the standard one-line games, but now there are also games that boast thousands of paylines, host multi-million progressive jackpots, and even ones in the theme of much-loved music, film, television, and game icons.

The power of computers and the programming of these online slot games has also given rise to intense soundtracks, vibrant animation, special bonuses with reacting tiles, and features which add another level of excitement to the game. Best of all, regardless of how complex some appear, they’re all rather light games when it comes to resources and hardware needed, making the transition from the web browser to mobile screen seamless. Now, with a condensed control panel, all of the latest slot games have a mobile version, and the best gambling apps fill their virtual mobile shelves with them.

But slots aren’t going to stop there; NetEnt is already deep in the development of virtual reality slots. With one of their most popular games, Gonzo’s Quest, as their flagship into the world of VR, the rising genre of gaming will soon have a top-class casino offering. Microgaming even created the first smartwatch game for the growing audience of smartwatch users.

Classic Casinos: Table, to video, back to the table

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Casinos rose in popularity on the backs of classic games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps. So, the first games to get an online offering were these very popular, classic games. In video form, people could indulge in many rounds of their favorite casino games. Then, more and more variations were created to offer a new experience.

But it was found that people still craved that authentic casino experience that they once got by playing at a table, with their peers, against the dealer. So, online casinos returned their players to the table. Live casino games are now among the most popular of all, in which players enter a room, watch a live-streamed table and dealer performing the game, and players place live bets in the game. Seeing the ball land in real time or the dealer revealing their cards in real time has always been exciting, and now that excitement can be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s home.

The live streaming, naturally, makes the live dealer games quite heavy on resources, but online casinos have still managed to incorporate some of them into their mobile casinos. Next for the grand classic casino games may be a real-money MMORPG. An online game called “The Four Kings Casino and Slots” has already shown that a social multiplayer online world set in a casino is a popular idea, so if you mix in the chance to win real money, it could become even more popular.

As technology continues to evolve, you can bet that casinos continue to adapt their product and widen their offering to appeal to players using all forms of different devices. 

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