5 Best Windows 8 Launchers For Android Phones

Today, we will be discussing about the windows 8 launcher for android devices. With the launch of windows 8 mobile phone in the market there are many person who these devices and the same thing apply on me also. Because of windows 8 phone display and that cool screen view, I became the fan of windows phone. But, As you all know that windows operating system is not as famous and successful as android OS so, thats the reason I have purchased android phone. But in my android phone I want to set Windows 8 screen view. In short I want to convert my android phone in to the windows phone but I also want all those features which are in android phones.In that case top windows 8 launcher for android comes into play.Here we are sharing some amazing windows 8 launcher apk free download which will give you windows 8 experience on your android phone.The launcher which we are going to discuss are free windows 8 launcher for android phone.So Lets starts without wasting anytime.You can also see my some popular post netflix account for free.

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Windows Phone 8 Launcher Apk Download

Is there any way by which I can change my android phone to windows phone ?

Best Windows 8 launcher

Yeah, there is one way by which I can do this. If you have same thought as I so keep reading this article. This article will be helping you to convert the whole look of your android phone into the windows phone.

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As you know that there are many developers which develops many apps to change the look of your android smartphones. The applications which changes your android Homescreen look are commonly called as launchers. In this article I will be telling you some best windows 8 launchers for your android smartphones.

1. windows phone 8 launcher pro

This is one of my favorite windows 8 launchers for android. This launcher contains neat and simple design same as in windows phones. With the help of this launcher you can adjust your tiles and can set your wallpaper. In this launcher you can set 4 tiles in a row and the good news is that you can even adjust the size of your tiles. Overall I have liked this launcher and will be recommending you for your use.You can always download  windows 8 launcher apk for free from Play Store.

2. Windows 8 Launcher apk for android devices

Almost same features as the above launcher. You can set 4 tiles in a row, With customizable wallpapers and tiles sizes as well as colors. The most lovely thing in this launcher is that you can even set the live tiles in this launcher. In short this is an amazing launcher which should be used by you if you want to change the look of your android smartphone.

3. Launcher 8 By Timo

This can be also one of the option is you don’t like the above launcher. Although this launcher also contains the same thing which are in the above launchers. I have used this launcher personally and want to say that the performance of this launcher is incredible. You should try this launcher once on your android smartphone.

4. Metro UI Lite

The same features as in the above 3 launchers. I want to just say that if you want to used windows 8 theme on your mobile phone for a long duration, then this launcher is not suitable for you. Because of it features and animation this launcher can hang up your mobile phone.

5. The Best Windows 8 Launcher

Although you have to pay for this launcher but this launcher is amazing. This launcher contains amazing animation, features and design. You will be able to experience the same as you are running a windows 8 phone.

Thats all with the top windows 8 launcher apk for android. Leaving the last option in the above lists all the windows 8 launchers can free download. Hope that you have liked this article. I want to say at the last that kindly share this article with your friends and help them in changing the look of their android smartphone…


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