Best Tips for speed up your computer/windows 8 upto 50%

If you have installed windows 8 operating system on your Pc and worried about your Pc performance then keep reading this article. This article will help you in speed up your computer performance with some simple tricks.

We already know that windows 8 is much more better operating system compared to earlier version of windows like windows 7 or windows Xp. But on the other hand it has some disadvantages also. One of the biggest disadvantage is slow Pc performance. I have mentioned some interesting tips which will surely help you in speeding your windows 8 computer performance and by following these steps you can work more smother on your windows 8 operating system.

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1. Change Pc Power Settings

According to me this is the most easy way by which you can speed up your Pc performance. You need to just open the Charging power setting by going into the control panel option and then set the setting to Set to High Performance.

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2. Close All Type Of Unnecessary Programs

By closing all type of unnecessary programs at windows startup you can easily run your windows 8 Pc more faster. If you have noticed that there are many programs which automatically get started as you start your Pc. And do you know that these programs really slow your Pc performance and make you Pc run slow. So, Simply follow the below steps carefully and then close all type of unnecessary programs.



1. Firstly, Click Start > Run.

2. In the Run Box carefully Type config and then hit Enter button.

3. Select Startup Tab and then uncheck all those programs which are running unnecessary.

4. Then Click Apply and Press Ok.

5. At the Last simply Restart your computer ones and then all changes will be automatically done.

3. Disable Pc Animation

This is the most effective way by which you can increase your Pc performance. As you already know that windows 8 operating system has lots and lots of Cool and amazing features. Windows 8 shows animation even when you start or close an application. These type of features can impress you but the reality is that it affect very badly on your Pc performance. If you are really wanting to speed up your windows 8 operating system then just follow the below steps.



1. Firstly, Go to Start > Run. 

2. Type command in the box and then simply press the enter Key.

3. Again type SystemPropertiesAdvanced and Hit the Enter Button.

4. Select Settings under the Performance section.

5. Now, Simply uncheck those animations which you don’t want to see while using your Pc and then Click Ok.

In this way you can disable all those type of animations which really affects your Pc speed.

So, these are the tips by which you can easily boost up your windows 8 Pc. If you are not yet satisfied with the above tips then you can also try updating your windows 8 Pc and can use latest drivers for working more smoother. At the last you should always remember of installing only necessary applications on your Pc.

Hope, you have liked this article. If you have any type of doubt in your mind or want to ask any thing then you can leave your valuable comments below in the comment box and ask your doubts. Also do not forgot to share this article with your friends.

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