Best software for video creation 2019

Video creation is probably one of the best thing which you can do for your brand or even independently. It doesn’t matter if you work under a brand, or are a video creator or even a YouTuber who has to upload videos, you need a proper and one of the best software for video creation. You must check out one such service is vidsaga which has corporate videos.

However, with the abundance of relevant software in the market, there is a specific speculation over what kind of software is the best to try and which of the software is going to full fill your needs.

With such kind of thought in mind, we have presented this list of the top software for video creation which you are going to love using and definitely full fill your needs of a proper and well built video creation.

Adobe Premiere Pro

When it comes to finding the best kind of software for video editing, Adobe Premier pro is one of the best options which you can find. Even though it is a paid software, but you can still try the trial version for free which comes for a period of 30 days and lets you get well introduced with the software.

The best thing about Premiere Pro is that it comes with a lot of effects and the video quality which comes as an output could be customised as well. Overall, it is one of the best programs.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut is something which you are going to get as default with the Mac book and indeed, it is going to give you a lot of benefits over a regular editing software.

The best thing about Final Cut Pro X is that it is free for all the Mac users and they have a lot of things to do here in this platform. You can use this software as a normal editing software and get a lot of benefits as well.

Avid Media Composer

Generally, the Avid Media Composer is not something which everybody would use as it is a high-end product and gives you a lot of things to do with your video. However, the company has also come with a free version of their editor and it is actually a great thing for the newbies.

This kind of software is generally used by professionals on taking huge projects. The movies and TV shows which you watch are generally composed via this editor. So, if you are taking a big project, you know where to go.


In case you are a budding software and want a software which not only is free but also doesn’t cut down on any kind of features, then you might want to install Shotcut.

It is an open source and free video editor which is going to give you a lot of features and is popping with everything which you are in need of. Since the editor is open source and happens to be completely free, and in case you are just starting out, it’s a great place to learn the basics of how a video editor can work without even investing any kind of money into the same.

Most of the video editors follow the same kind of basics and hence once you are ready to move to a new professional level, same kind of software is involved which won’t be hard to use at all.

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