5 Best safety Apps For Indian Women’s

Best women safety apps and security As you know that now a days in newspaper we see many types of news about sexual harassment on women. Womens are not at all safe in this world anymore. There is a limit for womens that they have to come before sunset and do not go alone in night anywhere. Womens are also these days fear a lot to go outside alone. Not only women but small girls are also said not to go alone outside.


Women can be attacked anywhere anytime. If you are thinking that your city is much safer than other cities for women’s than let me tell you that now a days no one is secured anywhere in the whole world. So, is there any way out from this problem ? Yeah theres a way for handling such types of problems. As technology is increasing day by day, every women has their own smartphone with them. At such time your smartphone can be the best friend of your security.Smartphones are loaded with app for women safety and security , emergency calls or direct contact to your family. If there is something wrong women can take help of these app for her safety and security options listed above. So today keeping the women safety in mind we are going to talk about safety apps for women which can help women in case of any type of problem faced. So continue scrolling and find out the Top 5 women safety apps for android phones.

Best App’s for women safety

1. TellTail: I have listed this app in the first place in my Top apps for women.Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System limited has developed this app specially for women. This app allows you to be tracked through the GPS which is available either on your phone or in your vehicle. You can also send instant alert to your family members. If you face such type of problem in future then this app can be the best way to get out from that problem.

talltai safety app for women's

Download This App: Click Here

2.bSafe :The main aim of bSafe is to never leave women alone outside. You can create a group of your near and dear ones who will be going to receive your emergency message when you are in any kind of problem. You can also set a number to whom you can call at the time of emergency. As this app is for smartphone then there will be GPS option on your phone. While sending emergency messages to your guardian this app tracks your location and send it with your message. Overall want to say that this is the most secure app from personal safety app.

Download This App: Click Here

3. Police Nearby : By reading the name of this app for your smartphone you came to know that this app for women safety and security will be searching for police nearby to you. Police Nearby app send your GPS location to the nearest police station available. Trust me this app is really useful for women because police is the best way if you are facing some kind of problem. Police can also help women in your safety and security and we all know that police is the best way to get your problem solved. This app for women safety and securit  is really simple and can be easily controlled by anyone.

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4. Scream Alarm! With the help of this app on smartphones women will be able to play a very high volume scream on their smartphones. If women is really tired by screaming or in some case of lungs failure this app can be the best way to inform the nearby people for your help. This app is really helpful for those women who has a problem of screaming and cannot scream in high voice. This is the most liked app by me in tops apps for women’s.

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5. TaxiPixi TaxiPixi will be helping women if they are lost somewhere. This app which help women to book a taxi immediately by your smartphone. Women will be going to have lots of options for choosing the cheapest taxi. Women can take help of this app if she is unable to find any transport and if you are feeling insecure anywhere.how to bypass surveys online

Download This App: Click Here

These Top App for women safety and security  must be on every women smartphone so that if they are in any type of problem so by the help of their smartphone they can call up for their safety and security with the help of these Top 5 App for women safety and security.Hope you will be sharing this articles with your mother,sister or daughter and even in your friends circles. If you want to ask anything about these Best App for women safety and security  you can surely comment below and let me give a chance for solving your doubts…

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