3 best racing games for android

Our phones are no longer used for initiating phones & messages.today,people used their smartphones for taking pictures,recording videos,sending emails & entertainment.Smartphones are truly smart in lot of sense like you can watch movies,listen music Or  even play games.in this article ,we are listing some of the best racing games for android phones.These games can be bought online & can be download on phone.you can also check our post on best navigation app & best messaging app.So fasten you set belts guy’s & get ready to experience acceleration of best racing games for android.

3 Best racing games for android phones

1. Asphalt 7(Rs.55)

Asphalt is One of most popular racing game for android & PC. Asphalt 7 heat is powerful yet well build racing DNA for mobile phones.What makes this games a real special is the fact that it offer sleek & hard core realism. Gameloft has work really great on this game which you experience while playing.Asphalt 7 offer 60 different cars from worlds most famous car manufacturer like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Aston Martin,Bugatti. You can drive all this car around the globe which include exotic location & hard core climate condition to deliver a versatile gaming experience.Asphalt support multiplayers & you can also track your asphalt stats & compare it with other online player.Asphalt 7 heat has 6 different gaming modes which supported by 15 leagues & 150 different races across the globe.I suggest every racing lover should play this game.

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Best racing games for android asphalt

Minimum Hardware  Specification to play Asphalt 7:


512 MB RAM

Adreno 205 GPU or Better

1.2 GB Storage Space

2. Need For Speed (NFS)

NFS is the Most reputed racing game all over the World.Every car lover now Or then would have played NFS.NFS offer excellent gaming on mobile just similar as pc.Need for speed Most Wanted is the new installment from NFS group for racing players.Most Wanted is the most successful NFS series of Electronic art and they are ready to set history again with Most wanted Most wanted offer drive and customize over 40 worlds most exciting cars.you can drove around the world from brazil to USA and much more.Most wanted use mods to enhance your car and get ahead of the pack in style.you can experience the action with mind blowing graphics and intense gaming experience.I can’t imagine my childhood without NFS ,so how can we not consider NFS as best racing games for android smartphones and tablets.

Best racing games for android NFS

Minimum Hardware  Specification to play NFS:

800 MHz CPU or above

512 MB RAM

Adreno 205 GPU or Better

600 MB Storage Space

3. Real Racing

Real Racing is not so popular gaming name But believe title it has everything which every racing lover would want.real racing 3 set new benchmarks in racing industry for mobile gaming.Real racing offer excellent gaming experience with license tracks & over 60 meticulously details cars from makes like Lamborghini,Ferrari,Bugatti,Audi,Porsche 911 etc.it also support multiplayers gaming including advance time shifted multiplayer technology for better multi player experience which allow you to race with anyone at anytime,anywhere with smartphone and tablets.real racing truly deserve to be on the list of best racing games for android smartphone.

Best racing games for android racing 3

Minimum Hardware Specification to play Real Racing 3:

800 MHz CPU or above

512 MB RAM

600 MB Storage Space

1 GB or more storage

Hope you like my post on best racing games for android phones.if i missed any thing do let me know about it in below comments.you can always contact us at our social network.

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