Best Phones Under 20000 RS in India 2014 [November]

I have seen many times that people get confused when goes to buy a phone. Many people buy their phone and then afterwards didn’t get very much impressed by their features. So, after paying 10k to 20k on the particular phone what they actually get? and Are they satisfied with that phone? Thinking of same reason and to help those people who are confused in buying a perfect phone under 20k I’m here today to help you out. Today I will be showing you the best phones under 20000 which are suitable for your use. So continue your reading and check them out mp3 music download app

If you have no budget problem or want to buy phones under 20k then the below list shows the best phones under 20k in 2014.

Best Smartphones Under 20000 /Best Mobiles Under 20000

 1. iBerry AUXUS Nuclea N1

iBerry AUXUS Nuclea N1 has amazing features and specifications and is now a giving a tough competition to other popular smartphone making companies. There are lot of smartphones under 20k price limit but frankly speaking with my personal use iBerry AUXUS Nuclea N1. Because of its amazing features and superb display quality iBerry AUXUS Nuclea N1 stand out of those mobile phones under 20000. You will be having nice time with this smartphone. You can easily use this phone with all ease. Your apps will be running smoothly without any problem in this phone. But the most irritating this which I had seen in this phone is its battery backup. The battery backup and gaming performance is not good with this phone. If you do not include these two features this phone is the best phone which you will be getting in just Rs. 16,000. Overall I have to say that this phone is not good in look but if you see it’s feature then this phone is an awesome phone.

best phones under 20000 AUXUS

 2. Gionee Elife E5

Well Gionee is a famous chinese company. If you trust on chinese company than you can buy this phone. The very first thing which I want to tell you that Gionee is a chinese company and we all think that china is not good in making mobiles. Yes, but not with this phone no matters that E5 belong to chinese company but the performance of this phone is awesome. As with the launch of many android phones under 20k in market this chinese company has also decided to launch their phone. Trust me guys, this phone is superbly awesome in it’s Amazing features, specifications, display, camera quality, gaming performance and many more. Almost all features are amazing in this phone which comes under 20k. The only this is that if you want to use this chinese company then this phone will surely meet with your dream phone in only of Rs. 15, 999 /-.

best android phones of 2014 under 20k

3. Sony Xperia L

If you want to buy smartphone watching its looks and body so I will recommend you this phone under 20 k. If we talk about its look then Sony Xperia L looks a classy and a stylish phone. I will prefer you black color because this phone looks great in black color. Not only with display or body but this phone has also smooth performance and last longing battery life. With great performance and amazing body you can make this phone yours in just Rs. 14,200 (may differ with countries).

sony eperia l


4. XOLO X1000

This phone is made for you  if are in search with  the best mobile phone under 20000 and has good display. You will also get multi tasking with this phone. But the main problem with this smartphone is that it has Android 4.1 which should not be liked by you. As after paying this much amount you will want that your phone must contain the latest version of android. Although this phone contains all amazing features and looks so not other problem in this phone. XOLO X1000 is available in only Rs. 14,569 /- in your nearest mobile store. Overall this phone is not bad in compare with other phones under 20k.



5. Spice seller pinnacle pro Mi- 535

Finally, Spice has come in the competition. Little lengthy name but you will be getting amazing features. Awesome sound, camera quality, display, network and almost all things are superb in this phone. This phone from the best mobile under 20000 that is in Rs. 11,000/-.

spice seller

So here is all done. I have now finally presented you the best smartphones under 20000 in 2014 in front of you all. If you have any problem or doubt you can comment below and please share this article with your friends and let them know about this list…


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