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If you want to change your android device into awesome navigation tool.Then you are land up to a right place,In this post we are going to review the best navigation app for android phones which offer some exception navigation capability to dominate the road.If you are looking for  map & navigator are not enough for you then these best navigation app for android are good option to try out.Believe me,These navigation app are lot cooler than Google basic navigator tool.Play store has hundreds of these but here we are reviewing some of the best navigation app for android which will be suitable for all skill level of people.I found out,most of friends are never use navigation app because they are tricky to set up & takes long time to load maps or other features.But in this particular post we are basically reviewing the navigation apps which are not easy to use and free but they are incredible in performance.

Here,Review is certainly covering some of easy,free navigation app for android can also check out my post on best messaging app for android phones.If you are music lover & love to here music while driving car & traveling then you must check out the Free best music app for android.

Review of Top gps navigation apps for android  phones

Sygic: GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic is one of the most popular off line GPS navigation app.Sygic app has some outstanding  feature which keep you going on the road.Sygic Navigation app has about 160 country & state maps.It has crossed over 30million download & counting.If you want to experience this amazing navigation app you can get one for yourself on trial bases.

best navigation app for android

Google Map

Google Map is one of the best navigation app for android is perhaps the most recognized navigation app on play store.Google Map has world map,several Mode of navigation where you can switch among several cameras to get better view of road and places.Gmap is one of  the most sofasticated naviagation app for user.G map provide cool features like road incident information,provide detail route information or you can also customize your navigation for avoiding toll ways and highways.this navigation app is completely free and most of android devices these are coming pre-loaded with this device.

best navigation app for android


Map quest is another versatile navigation app for android phones.MapQuest has some cool feature like voice navigation,side by side navigation.This is a highly precise app for navigation which wouldn’t let you lost easily Until your internet is working.This app give some more information about places & nearer gas station along with updated gas prices.MapQuest has several feature like turn by turn navigation,International map,It also support Open street setting,Traffic optimization,voice command for better road confidence,satellite map etc.MapQuest is true navigation app & it certainly deserve place in our best navigation app of android.I would certainly recommend this navigation app to every one who love travelling.

best navigation app for android mapquest

Maverick Navigation app

Maverick map is  detail & easy to use navigation app.One best thing about this app is it works great when you lost internet.yes i mean it can work offline which better if your are navigating toward hill & river side road where network hardly available then this app could prove as a life saver.Maverick has excellent feature of recoding road or track which you can later upload to cloud.some more feature are multiple online map,for global & regional,save place as we visits, it also support four i think Maverick has best we can get from any navigation app,this makes it the best member of our best navigation app for android review list.

best navigation app for android maverick

Wisepilot Navigator

Wise pilot is award winning navigation app with a functionality of  3D world map,5 day weather forecast,live traffic & camera alert.It also enable you download almost any kind of data to store on your computer or cloud.However,one downside of this app is for some more functionality you have pay.otherwise is as good as other member.i would recommend this navigation app for normal user who hardly travel.

best navigation app for android

I Hope,best navigation app for android post must have navigated you enough for choosing better option among all ,you can make your choice base on your route & places you can also suggest me if i would have missed it anything in above navigation app list.happy navigation & safe drive.

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