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Top 5 Best messaging app for android,Iphone,windows phones

In this post, we are going to covering the topic of best messaging app for android phones so buckle your seat belts & get ready to move like instant message.Era of messaging almost over until the entry of instant messaging applications.These application not change the way we used to communicated but also took the user experience & engagement to the next level where user can do almost anything without paying for each and every can also check out my post on download whatsapp for laptop or you also try some whatsapp tricks to make your whatsapp experience better.

So today we are going to review some of the best messaging app for android phone which offer some great features & amazing performance at cost of nothing.Most instant message app member of our best messaging app are free & support all kind of device regardless of their platform like iPhone,Windows,Symbian,blackberry can also try best music app for android.

Best messaging app for android ,Iphone,windows phones

Google Hangout

As all we are very much aware about Google’s amazing & free service.this app has nothing difference.Google Hangout is one of most popular messaging app from Google’s pack.Google Hangout is very easy to use & support simultaneous call or messaging.You can use this app for calling or Conferencing as well.I prefer this app to all skill level of people.

best messaging app for android


Again,Skype don’t need any kind of introduction,this is one of best instant messaging & video calling service been around from last 15yrs. But they are still doing app performed great in all kind of mobile regardless of their platform & system can also import all your contacts from email or you can go ahead create user  for yourself.Skype works great on lower internet plans as do give it a chance to make your calling fun,Hence we consider Skype as on of the best messaging app for android.

best messaging app for android


Snapchat got fair amount of popularity in recent time.Snapchat has very easy user interface which let you do almost everything at blazing speed.This messenger is as quick as light it just send message at lightning speed.when first time i installed on my phone i love it.I think you should also give it try.

Best messaging app for android snapchat for phone


BBM(BlackBerry Messenger)

BBM is the only thing i like in blackberry pack.I am more of a fan of apple but i still like to mention BBM is one of must have app for all mobile user.Since it is available for all platform this app reach to it’s pick of downloading & i must say app features are worth to will find fair amount of privacy with this messaging app.I am thrill to include BBM in my best messaging app for android list.

Best messaging app for android phone BBM


How can i finished my Best Messaging app for android review without Viber.Viber is one of the best messaging app for all mobile user again this app has everything which all user can find some additional feature to give you hand in your hard time.this app support instant messaging,chatting ,photo sharing etc.This app is fairly popular which brings to you some additional advantage like most of your friend you find on viber where you can call them directly from viber which certainly save your additional bucks.

Best messaging app for android phone BBM

Hope, you like my review on best messaging app for android ,Iphone ,blackberry.You can also ping me if i missed something in can also put down your words in below comments for any query & request i will love to assist you Or you can also catch me on my social network for more additional help.So happy instant messaging.


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