Best Manufacturers Of Linear Actuator 12V Waterproof

A linear actuator with a 12V power capacity (which is believed to be relatively safe) is by far one of the most typical options in the electric devices niche. It is an unnecessary device for domestic use – despite its low requirements for adapter parameters, 12V linear actuators can be employed in quite complex industrial automation systems. It’s a different matter that not every drive by far is able to contact water directly and stay in the proper working condition during that. Let’s take a look at top 3 best manufacturers in our opinion that produce 12V linear actuators with the waterproof body.  

How to indicate a waterproof linear actuator?

In order to understand that it is a waterproof linear actuator you see before you, it’s necessary to pay attention to its marking, which includes the letters IP and two digits which define the device’s mechanical effect resistance and the second – its water protection. Devices with the IP67 markings are considered to be sufficient for a short-term exploitation under water. The bigger the numbers (e.g., IP68 or IP69K), the stronger the level of water resistance and even pressure resistance.   

Top 3 manufacturers of waterproof linear actuator 12V

Let’s cut straight to the chase and discuss top 3 producers of waterproof linear actuators 12V


  • Progressive Actuators. An American brand, Progressive Actuators has been producing linear actuators both for domestic and professional use for over 10 years. Due to the narrow specialization, the company made the leading positions on the US market in no time and still holds them up to date. As for the advantages related to each and every model of products provided – 18-month warranty, quite a reasonable pricing (not exceeding $200 in most cases), and an individual configuration options. If you are interested in purchasing low-cost, waterproof devices, you should pay attention to the PA-06 model with the aluminum body.
  • Kinitics Automation. The Canadian brand, Kinitics Automation is a quality tested by time. Apart from actuators, Kinitics Automation also produces controllers, piston pumps, and a variety of accessories for them. Due to their narrowly focused vector of work, the company has long gained a global fame in various industrial niches. It’s noticeable that the company employes a number of unique developments (including the Kinitics technology, based on shape memory alloy materials), providing high motion precision. As for the waterproof 12V linear actuators, we’d recommend taking a look at the KLA-05 model composed out of rust-proof metal.  
  • Chevalier Technologies. Chevalier Technologies is a brand from Great Britain that has been existing since 1993 and specializing in the production of Safety Critical Systems. Some products of this company have been used for the automation of certain processes in Tesla. This fact proves the high reliability and global trust towards the Chevalier Technologies products as best as possible. Additionally, all the drives of the brand can be shipped both in the standard packaging with the IP56 degree of protection (strong water splashes) and completely waterproof options with the IP67 level of protection.


To summarize all the said above, you can see that some effort is required to find a real waterproof linear actuator – most universal devices are simply unfit for the exploitation in harsh conditions. Nevetherless, we can recommend three particular manufacturers that provide great options of protected models. Progressive Actuators, which offers the cheapest and individually configurable devices is a particular brand to pay attention to.

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