Best Logless VPN for Italian Citizens With DNS Leak Protection

The number of internet threats is increasing every day in Italy. The Internet growth in Italy has doubled within a year. Not many people know that more than 500% the usage of Internet has increased in a country like Italy.

The growth is not only massive but also very challenging for the authority to control and supervise if you don’t know about the growth of privacy invaders and hackers is tremendous.

The country has more than 2 Billion dollars in sales by Amazon; you can imagine how much money does Italy is spending every day online.

Best VPN for Italian Citizens

The money is attracting the people who want to make quick cash and the solution to keep you away from them is to get a premium VPN that keeps your protected all time.

What is VPN?

The VPN stands for Virtual Private Network,  which is an advanced name. It is a layer of protection that keeps you protected from all online threats like hacking, phishing, keeps your online transactions safe and more.

However, selecting the right one is also important or else, you harm yourself even more than you should.


A premium service that is always working to make their services better is how you describe NordVPN.

A professional team, which is working to bring the best security features that keep you safer from the online threats.

The NordVPN allows you to test their product under three-days of the trial option. You can test their program, which is available for Windows-based OS, Android smartphone, and desktop Chrome browser extension.

There are hundreds of reason why you should go with the NordVPN. Currently, it is the fastest growing VPN in the niche and having so many professional clients are the proof of quality & trust.

NordVPN Features

What are the basic to unique features that NordVPN has for the new customers? We are going to list the features which are crucial for professional to basic user.

Military-grade Encryption – We consider this as a unique feature that 90% of the services out there do not have in any of their packages.

Military grade encryption is the highest security a man can get.

Double VPN – We have never seen or heard of any VPN company that enables you to have one server protecting you while adding one more server over it for double protection.

DNS Leak Protection – A very needed feature for millions of users who make payments online. Do you know how hackers know about your credit card details? It happens because of the DNS data is leaking. Fortunately, the problem no longer exists.

Logs – Whenever we try a VPN app or any software, this is the second thing we check because logs are your web history that can reveal your location to browsing activity. NordVPN has a strict policy NO LOG policy, which is something that many of you needed.

IP Address – Almost every company has it now, a feature that replaces your original IP address with the Nord server IP.

Kill Switch – VPN is servers, and even they have downtime, Nord protects you even when your servers are down. A unique feature that no one has it right now.

Did you know who created VPN? A Microsoft employee Gurdeep Singh-Pall has invented the VPN in 1996.

CyberSec – If you browse random sites every day, then you know the pain of pop-up advertisements, where it takes you some suspicious sites.

We encounter such sites on a daily basis; they contain Malware and Adware. Fortunate for us that we have a premium security program that blocks it.

If you have a premium Antivirus security program, then it will stop entering your PC.

But, the VPN blocks it from the Window itself, which is an ideal way to get rid of such files.

Browser Extension – If you are using the Desktop browser, then you can get Chrome & Firefox extension that will keep your PC safe. (Firefox quantum does not support at this moment.)

For those who don’t know, right now NordVPN is giving you 75% off on all packages.

Get NordVPN with 75% (It is available for a limited period.)


Let us know how did NordVPN performed when you tried out the free-trial version in the comment section.

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