5 Best Android Phones Launchers App 2016

Lets talk about the best launcher for android phones.I have been asked several times for the best android launcher apps.So today i thought i should compile some simple launcher apps for android mobile phones.Before jumper over the topic I would like to explain what is an android launcher?why you should use them on your android phones.

best android launcher

What is a launcher app?

If i may explain launcher in layman’s language then is an android application which gives you a flexibility to change your user interface and screen layout along with some icons.Best home screen launchers does lot more than this but we will cover that in below top 5 launchers for android list.

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Top Most Popular Launchers For Android Phones/Tablets

  • Nova launcher for android phones

First member of our best home launcher for android is nova launcher.Nova is an undisputed king of android launcher.It has excellent features and mind blowing customization,super screen layout optimization techniques.It support a features like dock ,look and feel,drawer,desktop,gesture & button customization which is more than enough to make any smartphone a ultimate phone.Nova launcher comes with two version i.e paid or free.you can choose whatever best suits to your needs.Free version comes with limited features and layout option.but it is sufficiant for any basic user.If you are greedy & want to try some thing really new then I should suggest you to go ahead for paid version.Paid comes with bulk of features and some really transforming dock icons,layouts.you can also check out for some free movie streaming websites here

  • Google Now launcher for android phones/Tablets

Google Now is a very own android property and comes with handy features of customizations.It is compatible with almost all kind of devices specially google play devices.It also has great screen layout ,drawer etc. it is among the best launcher for android phones due to it easy to use interface & simless integration across all devices.It is completely free.so i think you should give it try if you like simple android launcher for home screen.

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  • Buzz -Best android launcher for tablets/Mobile

Buzz android launcher left great impression on google market for a good reason.Buzz has unique feature which makes it standout out of crowd.Take a case, of icon pack buzz android home launcher has extremely unique icon for your screen which makes t really special among the user.it does support the features which all other best android launcher for tables or phones support.It has Avg rating of 4.4 n google play market and has over 10million downloads.This is one of the fastest android launcher i ever come across.I specially recommend this android home launcher for people who love to try some thing new.

Buzz best launcher for android phones

  • Apex Top launcher for android phone

Apex is just like Nova,Blending smooth performance,easy to use with good level of customizations which can replace any launcher in the market.Standout features of features of Apex home launcher ,it,s super tablet mode,which makes its performance extremely delightful for android tablet.Apex is the best launcher for android tablets.

  • Next Launcher for android Phones

Last,Player in our best launcher for android list is next which has cool 3D feature.It’s hard to put how different & smooth next launcher is but it is surely steal the show if you install it on your device.It is 3D effects are mind blowing screen layout make it standout even more.Free version comes with quite good feature but if you want to experience 3D on your phone then you must upgrade to Premium one.

Hope, you would have liked my best launchers for android phones post,If you have any query or suggestion don’t hesitate to write in below comment.If you liked it & want to spread word then you can share it on your profile.

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