Top 7 Best Free Video Editing Software

It doesn’t matter that whether you are a professional video editor or just a beginner. Movie editing is the most effective way for making your videos more awesome and interesting. All of us enjoys while watching videos as they helps user in increasing their presentations of blogs, website etc also videos helps in driving more traffic to the website content in an effective manner. Not only this much but sometimes videos helps in refreshing our moods too.

By using various video editing software we can easily enhance our simple looking videos and make them interesting. But the actual problem arrives when we start searching for best video editing software and we generally find those video editing program which are too much costly and by chance if we get successful in finding the free ones then they usually don’t have much features and tools by which we can edit our videos properly.Best android launcher

Best Video editors for windows users

In this article I have listed top 7 video editing software which have all those types of necessary tools and features which are needed for editing videos nicely. So, without taking much time let’s have a look below and start reading this list of top video editing account username password for free.

1. Windows Live Movie Maker

As there are hundreds of premium video editing software available online with many cool features but you can’t ignore this amazing free movie editing software. You can easily use this free editing software both on your windows vista as well as on your windows 7 operating system. You can easily animate your videos using just a single click. Not only this much but you can also add captions in your videos, use automovie themes and much more with the help of this movie maker. After finishing your editing on this free movie editor you can save your videos in all types of possible formats that can further be directly uploaded on youtube, facebook, Flickr etc.check this out as well you might liked it free movie streaming

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2. AppleiMovie

AppleiMovie is an another free video editor which is only available for Mac users. User can easily access this freeware video editor because of it’s stylish user interface. You will find lots of fancy tools and features for editing your videos in a creative way. You can also add many cool effects, waveforms simply using one single click.

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3. VirtualDub 1.9.11

This is one of the best video editing software free available online for all types of windows operating system. Because of it’s straight forward interface user can easily do all types of basic video editing. This software also have many types of useful and most popular effects. VirtualDub 1.9.11 comes with many shortcuts keys which makes using this software more faster and easier.

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4. AvideMux

AvideMux is an another best software for video editing which runs on almost all operating system. It will hardly have a minute for downloading this easy video editing software as it is light weighted and a simple software. With the help of this software user can do all types of basic editings like cutting, filtering and encoding. You can also crop videos, add audio files and can skip your video frames by taking help of this software.

5. VideoPad

VideoPad is really a good video editing software for all windows users. This free editing software has 20+ effects with 35 transitions. User can easily edit 3D videos, overlay text movie credits and captions in video with the help of this software.

This video editing freeware software also allows you to download more effects online and then add them as a plugin. Not only this much but you can also add music and sounds to your video. This software saves your videos in supported format which can further be directly uploaded to can check some full movies download  sites.

6. Free Video Dub

This is the best free editing software which is available online for free. User can easily access this software on it’s windows operating system. This free video editor allows you to crop your video without re-encoding them. By this way this software helps in maintaining the original video quality. After editing your videos fully you can save them to all type of possible formats that can be later uploaded online.

7. Blender

Finally, Blender is an ultimate video editing software free available for download. User can easily create 3D models, add effects, add sounds and other more cool things with the help of this video editor. This video editing software can be access on Windows, Mac OS X, linux and for FreeBSD. Like other best software for video editing listed above this software offers you to add many special effects. You can also compose your own model with the help of the modelling tool provided in this software.

So, that’s all with my list of good free video editing software. User can easily access all the above software even without knowing how to edit videos. Hope, you have enjoyed while reading the above article. If you have any doubt or confusion while reading the above article then you can leave comments in the comment box given below. At the last If you have found something interesting while reading the above content then kindly share this article with your friends and fans too… 😀

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