Top 5 Best Free Movie Apps Download For iOS/Android/Windows

Here we are about to see some free movie apps for ios android user so sit tight get ready for some more entertainment.As movies has turned into one of the most basic source of entertainment. And has also become the salvation to boredom,  so you will also be able to find a lot of apps that can provide you with any random source of entertaining movies when and where you want.

These types of app are most common for android users and android OS being the mostly preferred for many devices now a day has taken entertainment to whole another level.And not just movies, with few of the movie watching apps you will also be able to watch live TV at couchtuner which can be of different types like entertainment, news, tv shows, sports etc. And being so many apps release daily with the same features it can be really hard to choose between all the different app that are available at Google Play can also check out here some of the best free mp3 downloading websites click here to check it out.

movies app for android phones

So, today I am going to take you through few of the best movie apps that you can use if you are busy between your work or if you are travelling a lot recently and still you want to watch the latest movies or even if you want to watch your favourite TV shows.

Let’s not wait any more and take you through all the apps that will offer you with the best movie and Tv watching experience and all you will need is good internet access.

List of Best Movie Apps for android/iOS:


Showbox has been rated the most used app for entertainment purposes. With this app you will be able to browse through online tv and movies easily. You can search from millions of TV shows and thousands of movies with just a click of button. Not just that you will be able to save a few of the videos on offline basis which you will eb able to watch later even when you don’t have an internet connection.This app isn’t available on Google play store so you have to go through Google Search Engine and download the raw file directly from the source i.e through other source internet source.


Crackle is yet another amazing Movie and Tv watching app which we definitely have to talk about. But as compared to Showbox, Crackle doesn’t allow its user to let you download any of the episodes or allow you to save any movie or tv shows in the offline mode.

But you won’t feel the need to download or save any of the movies or tv as these there is a lot of enjoyable movies and definitely your favourite tv shows that you will want to watch at a time. So enjoy.


With viewster is an amazing app that will allow you to browse through all the European TV show and movies that are really amazing. This means you will be enjoying all the Hollywood movies. And for all ANIME lovers out there you will defiantly be enjoying a lot of ANIME show and movies with this amazing app. So with Viewster you defiantly be able to enjoy any anime shows or movies that you can name.


Unlike all the apps mentioned above, this app “Hubi” is definitely a punch for all the music, videos, show episodes, news, comedy, etc.  Except that Hubi also has alot of movie and TV show collection that you also enjoy from. So go ahead and give this app a try I am sure that you won’t be disappointed.


And the last app that I want to mention about is the Flipps, this is just a simple app which allows the user to run and download  links of videos and tv shows which can be used to download the movies or tv shows that you want to watch. This app really comes in handy when you have a fast internet speed so you can download the videos eaily and watch it later.

And so these were the list of few of the best Movie Apps that you can choose from to get yourself engaged with day to day movies and tv shows that you want to watch wherever and whenever you want to. Enjoy using this app  adn if you liked this list do leave a comment below. Enjoy.

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