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TinyOwl – Best Food Ordering Android Application

In this era of smartphone where every other requirement is available on smartphone apps, among all those requirements food is one of the major requirement and to fulfill this requirement E-commerce giant amazon launched its first online food app.  These days online app lunch market is increasing frequently. Online presence of this app is now increasing day by day and in less than a year  Tinyowl made its presence in Electronic capital Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and planning to expand among other major cities across the India.


Salient Features of Tinyowl App:

Better Interface:

In the competitive market of Online food Order Tinyowl App interface is very much interactive and attractive. When you open app for the first time in your mobile phone you will see some good images of food like pizza ice cream, Chinese etc. that would be more than enough to increase your food craving. The way of emergence of tinyowl and its app would make it Zomato Alternative in future.

Detection of Location:

Tinyowl Mobile App would automatically detect your location access. If you find any problem then make sure your GPS location is enabled in your phone. Once it detects your location it will start suggesting you nearby restaurants. You can also use manual feeding of location in your tinyowl mobile app. Online manual feeding also provides you the option to check the best restaurants deals of other geographical areas as well.

Access Code: Tinyowl mobile App also provide meal coupons and promo codes. You can use your promo code that will provide free meal up to Rs.150 and Rs.50 to you after delivery. This offer would be valid only on first online food order.

Payment Options: There are two modes of payment offered by tinyowl. You can pay by using Cash or by using your Debit and Credit Card. Along with that you can also use promo code and wallet facility provided by tinyowl.

Exciting offers: Tinyowl team also believes in providing offers and cashback to app users to nurture the relationship between user and app. Those cashbacks are very useful when we want to do any major order. Tinyowl is one of the fine food ordering app.

Track Orders of Tinyowl:

Tinyowl also provides details of your current as well as past order. You can check your past orders as and your current orders too. I could not remember any app that provides such facility in other food ordering Apps you needs to call restaurant owner to track your order.

Tinyowl Wallet: Tinyowl is featured with facility of online wallet that would help you in instant payment of your online food order. This also free you from hassle of cash payment. You can transfer money in your tinyowl wallet using your Debit or Credit Card.

Along with this you can also avail the occasional facility of Extra Discount cashback on your online lunch app.

In online food industry competition is getting tougher day by day which provides alternatives to end users. Earlier mostly people use food portals like Zomato or apps like swiggy but with entry of tinyowl in online food ordering market users would get numerous options and zomato alternatives in market.

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