Best Alternatives on Facetime for Android

FaceTime is a super cool application that will enable the iOS users to call up their friends live and free. Unfortunately android users don’t have an option to enjoy up the facetime features, but in this article we will get you in touch with some best alternative of facetime for android  that will substitute the facetime. 

Top facetime app alternative for android 

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a good alternative for facetime for android phones. Hangouts is an application that maintains under google and it’s an awesome application that will help you to do both text and voice chat with your friends. You should get linked with your google account in order to use Google Hangouts.Hangouts works great on every android device with limited specifications and even you can make it up work on desktop and Mac. Hangouts is an application that replaced google talk with a lot of improved can also check out some alternative on how to bypass online surveys.

Hangouts works in a lot of improved features with multiple person conversation limited to 10 people at a time. The most important feature that hangouts deliver is its data factor. Hangouts works on with standard data rates, on other hand facetime works only on a wireless network.

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Skype is the ancestor of all video chat services, but skype still manages to keep hanged on in the market. Skype got released in 2003 and integrated with the music sharing system called kazaa.  The android platform of skype is quite solid. The earlier versions of skype in android were not much integrated with the contact lists. But the recent update of skype made up the integration much easier. The multiple bandwidth variations and you can check out the quality on the calls in which you are on. Depending on the connection you can change the quality of your call. Basically creating a skype account is completely free and will allow you unlimited is one of the best option for android facetime app.

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Viber is in and out awesome application that can do both text and audio chat, and they have made up the enough specifications to stay hold in the market. Viber introduced in 2014, and made up as a strong alternative for the competitive platforms like facetime and skype. The user interface of Viber is cool and much user friendly. The biggest drawback for Viber is that the users won’t be able to exchange the texts and calls with outside users. Hangouts and skype just don’t have this problem.But yet is a preferable option for user if they aren’t satisfy with about facetime apps for android phones.

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Tango got released in 2009, and it released officially on android platform, even though this application is available for iOS and windows devices, Google OS is its parent element. Tango can be optimised on any factor and increase the user experience much better to the core. But tango also have some drawback is that it can get worked only on a Wi-Fi enabled device and not on a cellular data device. Tango has an invite option that will enable the existing users to invite their friends and can use this facetime for tablet as well & it is pretty much good for all kind of android tablets.

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ooVoo launched primarily on windows platforms and by 2011 it got outspread on iOS and Android Platforms. By 2013 the ooVoo developers made their source code open and let other programmers to add ooVoo plugins in their application, which was a terrific move made by the ooVoo to spread their name in this highly competitive market. This application lets you to place calls with other users and you will be able to earn free credits which you can redeem later on.

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