Benefits of Having a Private Cloud for Your Business

What if you found out that somebody hacked into your business network and wiped all the data in one day. Hundreds of files, thousands of work hours, and thousands of dollars worth of information wiped off your business’ computers! While it sounds like a nightmare, it is a reality that businesses without a cloud strategy have to be prepared for.

One solution is implementing a private cloud solution where your network resources and data storage are held in a dedicated environment. Private clouds provide businesses with many advantages that aren’t just available in other alternatives. Below are some of the benefits that make private cloud technology a preferred solution in most industries.

Better Control

A dedicated cloud is usually located in your business or at a data center provider’s premise, which makes it easier to gain access when required. Your IT team is capable of efficiently managing your platform and making changes as required. Plus, the team can better predict things like bottlenecks and downtime that are likely to affect service delivery.

Your IT team will also be in a better position to adjust resource usage depending on your company’s requirements. On the other hand, using a public cloud does not offer you as much flexibility when it comes to allocating available resources.

More Customization Options

You and your IT team can work together to configure the platform in a way that best suits your business needs. This means that a private cloud can adapt to your company’s size, industry, overhead, overall objectives as well as many other factors. The best place to start when looking at a private cloud is by examining your business’ requirement and deciding what solution is the best depending on your scalability, security and availability needs.

Greater Security and Privacy

When looking at cloud computing, private clouds are an excellent option for any business looking to protect their information and data from hackers, prying eyes and outsiders. Every organization is always on the lookout for top-notch safety since leaked data can be devastating.

While using a private cloud, your in-house team is single-handedly managing and has full control over all your business-generated data. Even while using techniques like PHP logging to mine data or third-party data centers to store the data, you still know where exactly all the files are and can even take further safety precautions. Of course, this is a huge responsibility since all the data generated lies squarely in your own hands.

Better Stability

Cloud computing is largely replacing computers, USBs, hard drives, and flash drives. While various types of drives are used to build the storage platform, it still provides a better degree of data security since the information is held at secure hosting sites and ensures that everything is online. However, to reap the full benefits of protection, you have to implement sound protocols for disaster recovery and backup.

A private cloud is particularly convenient for storing sensitive business files since your in-house team is responsible for ensuring that the platform is running. You never need to worry about a vendor’s activities affecting your systems.


You can also build a platform that is compliant with relevant industry regulations and laws based on your business objectives. Moreover, data in your private cloud is harder to be subject to external scrutiny or malevolent interception.


More and more companies are turning to the cloud for the added flexibility when it comes to team and workload management. If your business is constantly handling sensitive data, operating under heavy compliance and scrutiny regulations, or simply requires a high level of customization and safety, a private cloud is the way to go.

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