Apple Music can beat Spotify on this summer!

If you look at the new releases on both music services, Apple Music may beat Spotify until this summer!

It seems that the king of Spotify’s paid music publishing service may not be as comfortable as it looks. According to industry charts by The Wall Street Journal, Apple Music in the US is growing faster than Spotify. Apple music growing by 5% against Spotify’s 2% monthly growth. If these rates continue, Apple music has chances to beat the rivalry this summer. There are also other reports that show that Apple closes the gap.

Perhaps surprisingly, Apple Music has “3-4 times more” trial period than Spotify. There is no response to Spotify’s free, ad-supported service and this trial is the only free option available before a paid subscription. But, if the tests are removed, Spotify’s leadership seems to be at stake. As the WSJ has stated, everyone is planning to pay for Apple Music to go through the trial, so the trial version hides the real growth rate.

Although this is not a clear explanation for the pace of growth, it can be assumed that Apple is dominated by its dominance. Apple has the largest share of the US smartphone market (44.8% in November, according to ComScore numbers), but recognition and marketing resources make the competition more difficult for a much smaller company like Spotify. As people get more prospects for getting an iPhone and seeing ads for Apple Music, it’s inevitable that membership numbers will increase. It can be safely said that the availability of a lot of content specifically offered to the service is also helpful in this regard.

Spotify is leading, especially outside the US. The company has 70 million paid members compared to Apple’s 36 million members. Both services are let paid members to stream / download music from Spotify and Apple music), but the total user base is thought to be much higher. This figure was 140 million in June 2017 and is probably even higher now. In addition, Spotify’s domain is far broader in countries outside of the US, where Android’s clear different leadership is dominated. It is probably a correct guess, however, that the company is beginning to worry about being close to losing leadership in a major country…

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