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Apple Iphone 6 Rumours ,Truth,Spec,Price

Hello guys, once again in techcloud7.Today we will be discussing more about iPhone6, its features, specification and the most important iPhone 6 release can also read my previous post on samsung s5 . As from the success of iPhone 5S apple has decided to launch iPhone 6 in the market. Apple has also assured that iPhone 6 will a improved version of iPhone 5S with larger display.

Iphone 6 rumoure and truth

What you should expect in iPhone 6 2014??

InApple Iphone 6 you can expect  two big changes which includes the iOS 8 and an A8 chipset which will help us in smooth performance and amazing control over application.

So lets find out that what are the different features of iPhone 6. Here we will not just discuss features or specification but we will be discussing more about iPhone 6 release date. So scroll down and find out expected release of iphone 6, rumors of iphone 6, iphone 6 leaked images.

iPhone 6: Design and Display Quality

At this moment I will not able to tell you the exact details of iPhone 6 design. Although iPhone 6 will be having screen size between 4.5 inches and 4.7 inches or it be same as its previous version that is of 4 inches screen size. Some reporters also reporting that iPhone 6 will be having 4.7 inch screen and 5.7 inch model as well. Those reporters also claimed that iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch model will be a full HD display with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution and model with 5.7 inch will be a 2K QHD display with 2272 x 1280 pixels resolution. iPhone 6 will not be having super-tough screens because this can be too expensive for mass production of iPhone 6 in the market.

iPhone 6: Features


iPhone 6 may be using a new quantum dot display type which will be resulting in super colourful display. You will be going to experience lot brighter and an accurate display. This will be launch by the middle of 2014. This thing sounds like science fiction but let me tell you that you will be going to see this technology this year only.

Overall I can say that Apple can increase the screen size of by iPhone 6 release date. As you all know that screen size matters a lot in all types of smartphones and same logic applies on iPhone 6. But like Samsung and other smartphone companies Apple will be not keep on expanding the screen size of their smartphones.


Apple will could have more sensitive touchscreens that will be able to detect pressure easily. Apple has also invented the new feature in iPhone 6. The feature titled as “touch sensitive button with two levels” that will be helping users to detect the different amounts of pressure exerted on the screen. With the help of this feature you can experience better gaming experience by exerting light pressure on your smartphone screen. So, you can control your phone easily because of its lighter tough.

Battery Life

Finally we move towards iPhone 6 battery life. Many people are really fed up from its battery life. As you know that as technology increases, features also increases and you will be seeing a downfall in battery life of these smartphones now a days. According to my analysing process iPhone 6 battery life will be of less hours but we have not get the perfect information about its battery life.

iPhone 6 Release Date

So lets move towards the iPhone 6 release date in the smartphone market. According to the reports I have came to know that Apple will me making some about 90 million iPhone 6 units in the market. If you are thinking that this is so less than don’t worry guys this is just for 2014. Apple has sold about 50 millions iPhone 5S handsets in october 2013 and they are expecting to sell 90 millions iPhone 6 units by the end of 2014.

By searching a lot I have found that iPhone 6 release date is on June 2014. Some other reports are also telling that this iPhone 6 will be launching in September 2014. iPhone 6 release date is now not confirmed but I can say that iPhone 6 release date will be some what around July 2014.iPhones expected price would be similar as apple do with their product lines.

Total Verdict

You may like many features in this iPhone 6. As Apple has introduced many new feature in iPhone 6 .Users will also going to like its display and body of iPhone 6. Well I can not say from being so confident about this phone, So lets wait and find out whats new in iPhone 6.

Do not forgot to share this news with your friends and If you have any problem regarding this review you can comment below in the comment box provided. Hope you have enjoyed a lot while reading this review on iPhone 6. 


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