Best Android emulator for iOS (iPhone | iPad |iMac)

If you are willing to experience the features of Android on your iOS device, you will find this article beneficial. Here, you will come to know about the process of downloading an Android emulator for your iOS device without jailbreaking. An Android emulator is an operating system for iOS smartphones, with a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

Downloading an Android emulator on your iOS device will give you access to a number of games and apps that have been developed for Android. Most of the time, you cannot use these apps on your iOS device due to the configuration. However, when you get an Android emulator, you can enjoy these applications. The users will be able to download these apps from Google Play Store on their devices.

Benefits of Android emulators for iOS devices

Well, a number of apps are developed only for Android handsets. These apps do not come with a configuration, that will be compatible with iOS devices. When you download an Android emulator on your iOS phone, you can use the handset like an Android device. You can download and install apps that have not been developed for your iOS device. In brief, you can use your iOS smartphone as an Android device. Many a times, users of iOS devices are disappointed with the fact, that they are not able to use the apps and play games that have been developed for Android sets. You can download the Android emulator on your iPhone, iPod or iPad and enjoy these apps. Gamers can also enjoy Android games on their iOS devices, once they download the emulators.

Features of Android emulator you should know

  • The online Android emulator becomes an integral part of your iOS device. However, these will not affect the iOS files on your smartphone.
  • The iOS users can enjoy all the features of Android on their devices.
  • The process does not involve the jailbreaking process, so you can keep the configuration of your phone intact.
  • It becomes easy to switch between iOS and Android on the same device.
  • The users can remove the Android emulator, when they wish to use the device as a normal iOS phone.
  • You can enjoy a wide range of apps that have been developed for Android phones on your iOS device.

Why do iOS users download android emulator for mac/iOS?

The Android interface is simple and easy to use. Besides, the users can get access to plenty of free apps and games, available in Google Play Store. Besides, they can also download third-party apps on their devices. Besides, several games and apps are available only for Android devices. Often, users want to play these games on their iOS devices. In these cases, the Android emulator comes beneficial. You can get an Android emulator for free for your iOS device.

How to install the Android emulator on your iOS device?

You need to make sure that the handset you are using has to be iOS 6.0 or above. Moreover, the iOS device should not be jailbroken. Here, you will come across a step-by-step guideline about how to download an Android emulator for your iOS device.

  • In the first method, you need to install Cydia in your iOS phone. In case you have not installed it already, you can get it without jailbreaking. This app is known as iAndroid. You will not get this app on the Cydia store. It is necessary to add the iAndroid source to Cydia, in order to enjoy the app. Follow these processes to install the app on your phone.
  • At the outset, you need to open Cydia on your iPad or iPhone. At the bottom of the screen, you will find an option called ‘manage’. Click on this option to download iAndroid and install it without jailbreaking.
  • You will come across three options. These are ‘Storage’, ‘Sources’ and ‘Packages’. You need to click on ‘Sources’.
  • All the sources present in Cydia will appear before you in an alphabetical order. You can search for the source from In case this source is not added already you need to add it in order to download the Android emulator for your iOS device.
  • When you have added this source successfully, you need to click on the source. You will come across a series of apps from this source. Now, you need to search for the iAndroid tool and click on it.
  • The users need to tap on the option called ‘Install’. This is present at the top corner on the right-hand side. The installation process may take a few seconds and you need to wait for a while.
  • When the installation process is over, you need to get back to the menu in your iOS device. The iAndroid option will appear on the menu of your handset.
  • Now, you simply need to tap on the logo of the app in order to launch it. You will find a new window opening, with all the features of Android. You can use all these features, just as they are used in Android devices. Your iOS device will serve both as an Android device, while performing its own task.

You can get the Android emulator on the iApps4you iOS app store. When you get the Android emulator, you can easily switch between iOS and Android operating systems on your device. Although the app becomes a part of the iOS device, it will not affect the iOS files that are present on your phone. You will be able to enjoy all the features of an Android device on your iPhone. The app can be removed whenever you want, so that you can use it like a normal iOS app.

Why should you get an Android emulator for your iOS device?

The Android emulator is an amazing tool for people who loves Android features, but owns iOS devices. They need not buy an Android phone to enjoy the games, apps and other features. It becomes easy to use both the Android and iOS systems on a single device. Besides, you can get the free apps and tools that have been developed solely for Android phones on your iOS handset.

You can use the Android emulator on your iPad, iPod or iPhone. You simply need to download the app and install it in order to enter into the user interface for Android. This will enable you enjoy all the features of an Android device on your iOS smartphone. Now, you are free to customise the widgets and other display elements on the Android interface, as per your needs. Besides, you can enhance the display features of your iOS device by using the Android gallery and other elements. You can also use the pattern lock on your screen for security purposes.

At times, the users may face issues with using the Android emulator on their iOS phones. The problem occurs due to an untrusted developer profile. The issue gets solved when the profile is trusted.

You can easily download the Android emulator on your iOS device and install it. The process is simple and takes little time. With this tool, your iOS device can couple up as an Android phone as well. Download an Android emulator on your device and enjoy the Android features on your iPhone.

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