Airtel Balance Check USSD Codes:Data, Balance, Loan, Recharge

Airtel is one of the biggest data providers and cellular network companies across India and just like Sprint, Verizon and other cellular network companies, Airtel is also one of the most famous network companies of the Indian nation.

How to check main balance in airtel

However, with day by day increase in the users, they are just changing a lot of policies and along with that, there are also changes in different things of the company and one among them is the actual code to check the balance.

airtel balance codes

So, this post is dedicated for the Airtel Balance Check codes 2018.

There are a lot of codes in Airtel for different purposes, which include checking the balance, checking the data pack, checking the loan amount and a lot of other things.

Airtel dedicates different codes for all the different purposes and if you have to check the balance, then you would have to enter a particular code in your dialer and check your account balance.

There are a variety of USSD codes which help you carry out all the basics of the communication to your cellular telecom companies.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data or USSD codes are actually one of the most basic codes that help you to communicate to your network providers for the basic things, such as checking your balance, your internet balance, taking loans for your sim, getting to know about various services and other things, starting or stopping any service, getting to know a lot about your network and a lot more stuff.

There are a lot of codes which are dedicated to their very own purposes and same goes when you have to go for the Airtel Balance Check.

USSD messages are up to 182 alphanumeric characters long and just if you want to know, they are open, unlike SMS as USSD connections create a lot more open means of communication for you which allows you to easily exchange any sequence of data that you want.

List of Airtel USSD Codes for Airtel Balance Check

Airtel USSD Codes Function Airtel USSD codes
Airtel Balance Check USSD code *123#
Airtel Net Balance Check 3G/4G *123# reply with 1 or *123*8# or *123*11#
Airtel Net Balance Check 2G Data *123# reply with 1 or *123*10# or *123*#
Airtel number check code *282# or *121*9#
Airtel special offers and rewards USSD codes *566#
Airtel balance transfer USSD codes *141# and then choose desired options
Airtel Loan Number codes *141*10#
Airtel all USSD Codes which are given with Last Call as well as Recharge, Tariff and Port, DND
Airtel Net Balance Check 2G Data *123# reply with 1 or *123*10# or *123*#
Airtel Net Balance Check 3G Data *123# reply with 1 or *123*8# or *123*11#
Airtel Net Balance check 4G Data *121*8#
Airtel Night Data Balance Check including Internet *123*197# reply with 1
Airtel Local SMS balance *123*2# or *555#
DND Activation or Deactivation 1909
Airtel Loan Number USSD codes *141*10# or 52141
Airtel Offer Main Menu USSD codes *121#
Airtel Value Added Services USSD codes *121*4#
Airtel Last 5 Transactions USSD codes *121*7# reply with 1
Airtel to Airtel Minutes balance check USSD codes *123*1#
Airtel SMS Balance Check USSD codes *123*7#
Airtel STD Minutes Balance Check USSD codes *123*8#
Airtel balance transfer USSD codes *141# reply with 1
Airtel 3G Activation SMS 3G to 121
Airtel Special 5 Offers USSD codes *222#
Airtel Live Services USSD codes *321#
Airtel Free Facebook USSD codes *325#
Airtel Twitter service USSD codes *515#
Airtel special offers and rewards USSD codes *566#
Airtel GPRS (Activation & Deactivation) USSD codes *567#
Airtel Hello Tunes USSD codes *678#
Airtel Missed Call Alert USSD codes *888#
Airtel Local National SMS packs USSD codes *777#
Airtel number check USSD code *282# or *121*9#
Airtel Net Balance Check 2G Data *123# reply with 1 or *123*10# or *123*#
Airtel Net Balance Check 3G Data *123# reply with 1 or *123*8# or *123*11#
Airtel Net Balance check 4G Data *121*8#
Check the Night Data Airtel Balance as well as Internet USSD codes *123*197# and then reply with 1
Airtel all Local SMS balance Check USSD codes *123*2# or *555#

So, these were some of the most searched and most common USSD codes for Airtel which actually even allows you to just check the balance and not only for the normal balance check can you use these codes, but also for all the codes, services and offers which you want, you can use these codes for sure.

Go ahead and try working out these codes and just in any case that any of the codes which don’t work for you, just drop them in the comment section and we would try to find the latest working codes for you.

Along with that, if you know any of the updated codes, just drop it in the comments section and let others know about it.

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