Advantages Of Building Mobile App For Your Shopify Store

Shopify is the number one e-commerce solutions out there. It allows anyone to build their retail store at an affordable price. If you already have a Shopify store but still haven’t converted your Shopify store into a mobile app, it is time for you to take the next step and build a mobile app for your retail store using Shopify app builder.

While the Internet revolution started with desktop, smartphones and small screen tablets have taken over the Internet. More people get online using their smartphones than desktops. The worldwide revenue generated through mobile apps has crossed $450 billion. The number of smartphone users has crossed 5 billion, and it is expected to grow further in the coming years. There are millions of mobile apps in various mobile app stores, and people are using these apps for everything such as ordering food online, playing games, booking tickets, watching movies as well as for general shopping online.

The big difference between a desktop and a mobile phone is that most people use the apps installed on their mobile phones to perform transactions such as online shopping. On a desktop, most users still use their favorite browser to go to their favorite websites. Mobile apps offer an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs like you. Even if your Shopify website is mobile-friendly, it is better to get a mobile app for your e-commerce store using Shopify app builder.

A mobile app built using Shopify app builder performs much better as compared to a mobile-friendly website. Users get a seamless experience on a mobile app, and this experience cannot be replicated on a mobile-friendly website. You can provide specific controls to users in a mobile app, whereas providing such controls in a mobile-friendly website is either too time-consuming or simply impossible. Mobile apps also tend to perform better on smartphones as compared to mobile-friendly websites.

Mobile apps are easier to use as compared to a mobile-friendly website. Mobile apps also give you the freedom to provide a specific set of features using smartphone controls. Using these controls is not possible with a mobile-friendly website. For instance, you can use push notifications to tell users about new launches, discounts, coupons, or special deals. This type of communication is impossible with a mobile-friendly website.

Another advantage of using a mobile app for your Shopify store is that it also provides offline access, which is not possible with a mobile-friendly website. Users can use the app whenever they want, even if they are not online. A mobile app also helps in increasing customer engagement. Users are not forced to log in every time they want to use your store as they are always logged in to your mobile app and can browse the catalog with their smartphone controls.

When users use a browser to access your Shopify store, they always have the option of browsing other websites simultaneously. On the other hand, no such possibility exists on a mobile app as it’s a closed environment, and you have a better chance of making sales with a mobile app.

Thanks to the increasing awareness about the many benefits of having a native mobile, many companies have started offering easy solutions to convert a Shopify store into a mobile app. These solutions are easy to use and affordable.

You have multiple options to convert your store into a native mobile app. There are premium Shopify plug-ins available at affordable prices to build a mobile app. You also have the option of using an app builder to convert your existing Shopify store into an app. There is also the option of hiring an experienced app development company to build a native app for your Shopify store from scratch. 

All these options have their advantages. Using premium Shopify plug-ins or third-party platforms is cheaper as compared to building a native app with the help of an app development company. A native app developed from scratch allows you to add a lot of extra features, but it comes at a higher cost.

Overall, converting your Shopify store into a native mobile app is easy and affordable. It helps in increasing brand recognition and user engagement, and that will result in higher revenues for your Shopify store. So, use one of the options mentioned above to get a mobile app for your Shopify store today.

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