Adhy.Pe Link Shortner Review with Payment Proof

Adhy.Pe Link Shortner


Adhy.Pe is one of the most popular link shortner to make money online. You really need not to put much effort for earning through link shortner. You can use Adhy.Pe Link Shortner for free.You can withdraw your money daily but for that your account must contains minimum $5.

How to make money through ?

You just need to short your post/image url using link shortner and then simply start sharing your shortened Url. You can share your shortened url through your Website, Blog or on Fanpage. You can even use your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts.

Benefits for publisher ?

If you choose as a publisher then you can get many benefits out of it. Some benefits are mentioned below :-

  1. Earn on shortened Links.
  2. Monetize your website, blog or fanpage.

3.Simple website integration

  1. High CPM rates. ( Check out rates here )
  2. Low Minimum Payout.
  3. Instant Payouts.
  4. Real Time Statistics.

How Adhy.Pe Actually Works ?

Before reaching the actual destination page shows an ad to the users which helps you in earning money. offers the highest rates compared to other link shortner available online and in addition you don’t have to wait to withdraw your money. You can easily withdraw you money everyday if your account balance is $5 or more. So, waiting for what ? Become Adhy.Pe’s Publisher now !

Affiliate Program

You can also use Adhy.Pe as an affiliate program. It will pay you for every user you refer to Not only that but you will also get extra 20% of the profits from each recommended user. Link shortnet details

Commision Type : Link shortner, Affiliate program

Minimum Payout : $5

Payment Frequency : Daily

Payment Method : Paypal

Country : UK

Contact : Email :

Payment Proof



Adhy.Pe is one of the best link shortner available in the market. Because of the high CPM rates offered by it becomes very easy for publishers to make more and more money. You don’t even have to wait for long for payouts.

That’s it with this review. If you have any type of doubt or questions then you can leave your comments below in the comment section…

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